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A Wishlist for the future

Hey all. Here’s another post with another person’s ideal additions to the game. And yes, I want bugs to be fixed, too. I just wanted to write up a list of things besides bugs, since we all know they exist. I’ve organized these by categories to an extent, but some of them certainly overlap.


* Decisions that affect the game. I understand that can be difficult given the multiplayer nature, but it is not impossible, and very much needed.
* Phasing. This builds on top of the former. Phasing would allow us to see different things in certain places depending on where we are in the story and what we’ve done. This was already sort of implemented with Wastelanders and interiors, but it could be expanded upon to really improve the game. If I make a decision that blows up another faction’s town, then the town should look destroyed to me, but intact for someone who did not destroy it. World of Warcraft does this very well. When you enter certain zones, you’re kind of just instantly phased into a zone that is tailored to you and your game. Your party members are still visible on your map, and if they’re at the same point in the story, they remain visible to you and you all see the same things. If they’re not, then they remain visible on your map, but invisible in the actual game and are phased into their own version of the zone. I know the fallout engine is old, but so is WoW’s, and they’ve had to work on it a lot over the years. Phasing was only implemented back in 2014, I believe.
* Mail and banking systems. It drives me insane that I can’t send items to my alts, or even other people. It’s also maddening that I can’t access an account-wide stash. Some of my characters have exactly what the others need, but the only way I can transfer it over is by being a FO1st member and then hoping I can log in and out fast enough on a private server to pick up some stuff that I dropped on the other character. That’s not a great system. Plus, think about how fun it would be to RP as a mailman in Appalachia. Just leave some goodies in mailboxes and skip off.
* Better Survival. I can appreciate trying to balance survival needs without crippling us if we forget to sleep or eat, but… survival adds so much to the game. We’re in a desolate wasteland, trying to rebuild society while also trying to find edible food, drinkable water, and not get destroyed by a giant mutated bat. I’ve always found RPGs so strange in that they rarely force you to actually take care of your character. You’re just this invincible adventurer that never has to eat or drink or sleep or even hit the john. We have to restore mana, but not our bellies? When Fallout started including survival elements, it made the game next-level for me. FNV was so much harder and exciting when I needed to find food without a cazador killing me every five seconds. FO4 was incredible with all the crafting and cooking and dying before I found a bed. FO76 has the advantage of not needing to save, so survival can really be implemented without making the game as difficult as previous entries have been. Recently, the food and water debuffs were nerfed, which is the opposite of what should have been done. With all of these amazing recipes in the game, there should be a need to eat them. We should need our water purifiers. We should need a bed. We should be weakened if we don’t take care of ourselves. Diseases should actually hurt us. Survival has been one of the unique, and brilliant traits in Fallout as an RPG, and it should be expanded upon, not shrunk down.
* Fishing. I’ve seen a lot of people asking for this, with a small amount saying they wouldn’t like it. If you don’t want it, you don’t have to use the feature. Fishing could be so freaking fun. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Action button to cast, action button to reel in. However, with fishing tournaments, unique loot, new food recipes, new weapons, new enemy encounters, and more, fishing would quickly add a fantastic experience to the game. There’s gotta be mutated fish in those waters, and I wanna catch them. It’s always puzzled me that this wasn’t implemented in FO4, honestly. All of Far Harbor was fishy, and yet, there were no fish. We could also have fish nets/traps in our camps; something we can put in the water and use to catch fish over time. I loved the idea of trappers in FH, and this would also allow some great RP.
* Mini-games. Holotapes of games that we can play on our pip-boys are cool! It’d be even cooler if we could place arcade machines in our camp like we could do in FO4. Maybe in a future settlement, there’s a casino. Let’s wager some caps and go for it. Got a deck of cards? Cool, let’s play some Caravan while we wait for an event to pop up.
* Achievements. I love the challenges. I know not everyone does, and that’s fine. I like having to work toward weird little goals. An achievement system could add to the current season passes and challenges. I don’t know exactly what it would do, but I know that I would like seeing a banner pop up saying that I’ve achieved something, and then be able to show off my achievement somehow with a trophy or something. Obviously, Scoreboard does this in a way already, it would just be cool to have other types of achievements to display.
* Better farming. If I can plant a wild blackberry at my camp, I should also be able to plant a pumpkin or cranberry or anything else. Maybe we have to complete a questline to plant certain things, that’s totally fine! I like the idea that certain ingredients and plants are more rare and difficult to attain. It only makes sense that we should be able to plant them in our camp, too, though.
* More maps. This one is obviously something that should grow overtime. I know there's hints that we may be able to go to other states fairly soon, and I really hope that's true. It sounded like they will be places we've visited in past games, which is an awesome idea. I would love to see new areas, though! We've yet to visit really anywhere in the south, but there's a ton of potential for the Fallout down there, I think!

Roleplay and Combat:

* More clothes. I dunno about y’all, but I like to make characters based off a combination of name, outfits, “occupation,” and then their build. So, for instance, a mailman as mentioned above would be wearing a postman outfit (model exists in fo4 already) to fit his theme, and then maybe specialize in thrown weapons. I mean, that sucker should be able to just chuck stuff at their enemies (will expand more on throwables later). But, there’s no mailman outfit. For all the gunslinger fun, there’s really not a whole lot of cowboy-esque outfits. The “western” ones are decent, but the pants look pretty weird on the characters for whatever reason. Some more cowboy outfits would be great. More flannels, please, holy moly. We’re in Appalachia. There should be flannels everywhere. I want to run around as a lumberjack and just decimate people with an axe. There’s so many fun possibilities for characters, we just need more clothes to make more unique looking builds.
* Display character names. Please, please, please. What is the point in naming a character and coming up with a story and theme and build if everyone just sees “biscuitlicker42069” in the game??? It makes no sense. There is absolutely no reason to not show character names. If we want to play with people again, we just add them. Still don’t need to know their account name. And, please allow us to rename characters. Other games simply charge a fee to rename your characters. I’d love if this were a free feature, but whatever, do what you must, just allow us to change their names. If we can change everything else on the spot, we should also be able to change their names, especially if their names are being displayed.
* Special/perk resets. Let us go to an NPC and wipe everything so that we can easily rebuild characters. My first character was alllll over the place. Now I’m having to spend twice the amount of time I would by just starting a new character to be able to move his build around and make him actually viable. I don’t want to delete my first character. I just want to rebuild him (and maybe change his name).
* Give us more than 5 character slots. Why???? Why are we limited to 5???? I make alts on alts in every single game. I’m an altoholic. It’s a problem. But usually a game at least lets me make like, 10 characters per server. Not 5 account-wide. There are so many different builds you could try in this game, yet you’re forced to choose 5. I want my throwables mailman. I want my bloodied chef. I want my junkie cowboy. I want my irradiated barbarian. I want my power armored energy heavy gunner that works in the mines and collects ore in his excavator set. I want a stealth archer. I want a sniper. I want a fisherman that stabs mirelurks with harpoons and a pole hook. I want a farmer that runs around with a flaming pitchfork. I want a hippie musician that pacifies animals but demolishes humans with a guitar sword. I want a character that worships cryptids and only uses primal weapons. I want a bartender that just launches molotovs. There’s SO many things that we could do with all the perks and all the very cool weapons out there. We should have more character slots to be able to try these things out.
* Better throwables. As is, throwing knives are great until about level 20. Nothing makes them do more damage. Sheepsquatch quills have poison damage, but that’s it. Throwing weapons are really untapped right now. They could be so much fun. Meat cleavers are so savage, and taking my chef around with a rolling pin, or ripper, or flamer, or meat hook, and then also launching meat cleavers at enemies would be incredible. More perks that improve explosives and throwables in general are really needed to make them usable.
* More Factions. I don’t particularly care for the BoS, or the Enclave. I still enjoyed running around doing errands for MODUS, and I’m sure I’ll still enjoy the BoS quests. I didn’t like Paige’s attitude upon first meeting him. I did like Meg, though. And I enjoyed completing the Wastelanders quest line with both of them. Getting to work with these four factions is great. I’m a huge fan of working with factions and even playing multiple sides in my Fallout playthroughs. With that said, it’d be awesome to see more factions.


* Hub cities. Crater and Foundation were steps in the right direction, but not many people hang out there. Hub cities would be great for trade and teaming up, and make the game feel more alive.
* On the same note, perhaps an Auction House. I love vendors, don’t get me wrong. They bring people to your camps, and that’s awesome. But maybe we could have like themed weekly auctions. You can only auction certain types of items that fit the weekly themes. I dunno. Just a thought.
* Chat so that we can talk in a trade channel in the city, or a zone’s general channel, or with our party, etc.
* Dedicated servers. Now, I love being able to server hop. But the game desperately needs some sort of structure like this. Being able to hit up your friends and say, “Hey, I’m playing on Rob-Co tonight, let’s all head there,” would open up a lot of multiplayer options, including the auction house as mentioned above. It’d also definitely make clans/guilds more of a thing, which is a big plus. This would also!!!! Really!!!!! Help!!!!!! Server disconnection issues!!!!!!! Even if we still D/C, we can just log back into the server we were D/C’d from! No more losing loot or missing events because we got disconnected in the middle of a fight! Just log back in and continue! (That’s not to say that server stability improvements wouldn’t be welcomed, though…)
* Allow more players in the servers. I don’t know if this was a design choice, or a necessity due to the engine, but I really want more players in the servers. Sometimes the maps are depressingly empty, so I server hop, and find a ton of people on a different one. Allowing us to pick dedicated servers and allowing more players on each server would really build an even stronger community.
* This one is probably controversial, but, Level Caps. It’s so unbelievably weird to me that we’re allowed to level willy-nilly infinitely. What’s the point of that? Why are there players in the thousands? We never should’ve been allowed to level past 50. I think we should be reset down to 50, allowed to rebuild our characters for free (then pay caps to an npc to rebuild afterwards), and then steadily increase the cap over time. When “expansions” or DLC come out, then we get an increase, with fresh new (or old if you needed an old one) perks and special points that we can add, instead of having to take a point from somewhere else. This is how pretty much every other online game works, and it would make leveling a lot more exciting when the cap increases.
* Instances/Dungeons. The game really needs more of these. A lot more. Give us more end-game content. Give us a reason to need certain builds. Give us a reason to need a power armored 2H melee build, a stealthy ranged build, a medic build, a commando build, etc. all working together. Currently, teams are just kind of there. They’re almost never necessary. No roles are filled. It’s not like we have a tank, 2 dps, and a healer. But we could, so easily, and it’d be so, so, so tight.

The game has incredible potential. It really does. It is so unique. It has fascinating, deep lore that most of us have been invested in for years and years. The setting is breathtaking, and I can’t wait to see where else we go. However, it kind of scratches the surfaces of survival, RPG, and MMO, without really developing a solid foundation in any of them. I really feel adding some, if not all, of these things would help counter that. I’m looking forward to playing this game for years to come and seeing how it progresses. I played WoW for around 11 years (and will probably hop back into it soon to try out the new expansion), and I absolutely love being able to invest time into games like that and see my hard work go toward something. WoW felt like a second home. Many of us play video games for enjoyment, for an escape, for the feeling of success, for community. FO76 is a brilliant game capable of doing the same for a very, very long time. And that’s a good thing! We probably won’t see Fallout 5 for another decade. This game will be our wasteland home until then, and sometimes homes need some renovations and additions.

I may add more bullets or points to this list if I think of more, and will be sure to add a note when/if I do. I would love to hear what you all think, and what additions you would like.

I want to thank everyone that works on this game. I know it probably hasn’t been even remotely easy. I know that Covid has probably been affecting your lives, too. I know that at times, it probably seems like nothing you do will ever make the players happy. I know that your passion for games may be weakened at times because of the stress surrounding your jobs. Your work is greatly appreciated, though. You are bringing an experience like no other to us. You are providing these moments of joy. These escapes. The setting for our communities. Thank you for everything you’ve done, and everything you continue to do. You are appreciated.
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Augmented Alt Character Farming for Independence Day as Summoner

Credit to Maple_'s original post on the profitability of Independence Day farming with alt characters but I believe that you can augment the original process to keep weeklies and summoner loot in mind. The reason why summoner mains would want to spend some more time per burner alt is because of one French bitch named Pietro being the sole source of repeatable support rolls, but only when you reach MAXIMUM friendship with him once per character. Finally, this guide also accounts for the fact that Weekly ARKS quests give a massive bonus to level 50 characters and will provide additional steps for your alt farming to account for weekly missions.
By farming alts, you can stand to gain the following every day
Step 0 It pays to prepare
Step 1: Talk to NPCs and get ARKS rewards
Step 2 Preparing for subclassing
Step 3: The Cafe saga: we go to the cafe first to get a major funds injection and to give your harvest/fish meters time to top off, as well as to unlock the Urgent Quest arks mission earlier
Step X: Urgent quest
Step 4: Shopping plaza and your auxiliary
Step 5: Gambler's paradise
Step 6: the home stretch to mag devices and independence but not the end
Step 7: Fuck you Pietro, my best friend
Step 8: Why are we here, just to suffer?
Sorry for posting this the day before weeklies reset but there should be another weekly reset before this event ends too
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The futue of Jack part 2

Part 1 https://www.reddit.com/JackSucksAtLife/comments/ggowsv/the_future_of_jack_part_1/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
May 2021: Multiple live streams stream the battle for supremacy between turd boi420 and JackSucksatlife. In the end turd boi420 ( the better channel ) prevails. Jacksucksatpopuppirate reaches 900k. Jacksucksatroblox hits 1.4 million subs. Snail mispronounces Kai and snails finds it hilarious. Both the original ace and jack Massey welsh hits 1.2 million getting many live streams about this too. Jacksucksatstuff hits 1.2 million. Jack creates a video called creating a play button for my door but it gets demonetized, rumours go around the is found crying Jack responds with " only pussies cry and I'm more of a dog person myself ". Kai posts a picture of a hamburger with his face on it and everyone laughs. Jack also slices a Jaffa Cake in half with a fake lightsaber. On Jacksucksatroblox Jack plays Roblox with Jeb Bush. Jack is said to have a small brain by many of his viewers which makes Jack angry so he slaps a picture of Kai. Editor Kai is still a brush.
June 2021: Turd boi420 hits 2 million subscribers in June even though that's not the only thing Turd boi hits as he also hits the original ace with a chair ending their friendship. Jacksucksatdrinking reaches 300k. LittleJacksucksatlife and Jacksucksatgograohy hits 600k. Samsmellsofapricots hits 500k. Jacks Twitter hits 300k. JackMasseyWelsh hits 200k and so does Ejsafc. Jack opens up his PO box again and gets sent things like a gæ rhombus, an Eggplant with Will Smiths face on it and a big picture of Kai. Jack does his weekly Q&As again for a month and his Q&As are collectively called Ight Imma head Out, STOP WILL SMITH, Funnei memes, How 9/11 REALLY went down and Jacksucksatlife: The movie. Jack is hit with an eggplant on the street as well. On Jacksucksatstuff Jack gives himself the nickname the sexy boi. Jack also slaps 100 ( actually 10 Jack just did clickbait ) Youtubers. Meanwhile, Jack finally deletes after 2 years Deleting This video soon. Editor Kai is still a brush but now has 400k subs.
July 2021: The Original Ace comes back from the hospital and immediately calls out turd boi420. Turd boi420 responds with doing the original ace review. Jack is gone for most of the month on holiday to Germany and has a particularly LOVELY time. Before he goes he does open up his PO box and he finds a picture of himself smacking Flossy, a kazoo with the words slightly taller as a female boy rather than a female girl and a skirt once worn by The Rock. The rest of the month the channel is taken over by Kai making the views skyrocket. Kai does many videos like paying people on Fiverr to become my girlfriend, Hahahahaha funny meme guys and AUSTRALIA IS NOT REAL! Editor Kai is still a brush.
August 2021: Jack returns from Germany and starts busting out loads of content. Jack resurrects Editor Thomas only for Thomas to die a week later which brings Jack to the conclusion " if you try to resurrect someone they'll just die a week later " -Jack Massey Welsh 2021. In Jacks PO box he receives a picture of Barack Obama with the words we're always watching you on it, a pigeon mask with eggplant colours on it and some Mexician maracas. The turd boi420 vs original ace drama heats up getting more personal. Look what's outside door window is the new highly unfunny meme on JackSucksAtLife. Littlejacksucksatlife and Jacksucksatgeography hits 700k. Jacksucksatpopuppirate hits 1 million subscribers. Jacksucksatroblox hits 1.5 million subs. Turd boi420 makes a life review. Jack explains to Mini Muka the reason he has more subs is because he simply has bigger p*nis. Editor Kai is still a brush.
September 2021: Turd boi420 sends a letter to Jacks house as a recruitment to stop the original ace, Jack declines so turd boi420 comes over to Jacks house and slaps him saying that the tables have turned so that Jack slaps his table in fear of it working for turd boi420. In Jacks PO box he receives a flag of North Korea, A picture of Wallace looking for cheese ( he's not dabbing )and A sack of air. Jacksucksatstuff, The Original ace and Jack Massey Welsh all get 1.4 million subs. Jack Instagram hits 300k. After finally reaching 50,000 likes on that one video Jack FINALLY releases I got 99 problems but a hoe ain't one in collaboration with Kai. On JackSucksAtRoblox Jack does a video where he gambles in the Roblox casino and his channel gets a strike for it not being family-friendly enough Jack replies with " Its a Roblox channel how can it not be family-friendly?". Jack does a collaboration with the Kai camel. Editor Kai is still a brush but now has 500k subs.
October 2021: The turd boi420 vs the original ace war continues as things heat up with the original ace diss track being made. Soon after that, the original ace vs turd boi420 boxing match is announced. Meanwhile in JackSucksAtLifes PO box he gets a kazoo with a minion on it, a mantlepiece with its everyday bro with the Disney channel flow and a miniature Donald Trump-wall. The virgin ace hits 1.5 million subscribers. LittleJackSucksAtLife and JackSucksAtGeography hit 800k. Jacksucksatdrinking hits 400k. Turd boi420 creates a new channel called turdboi gaming. A few days before one of his viewers is getting married so Jack kisses them on the cheek saying nO lOnG tErM dAmAgE. On the JackSuckAtRoblox channel Jack cheats in Roblox causing him to be IP banned from Roblox and the words Jack, JackSucksAtLife, JesusSwag4Dan and JacksucksAtRoblox are all censored on Roblox. Editor Kai is still a brush.
November 2021: The undercard of the turd boi420 vs original ace boxing match is announced, it is Kong vs Flossy, Will Smith vs Little Jack, Croatia vs Serbia, Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders, Kai camel vs Augustus, Anakin vs Obi-Wan and Jacksepticeye vs Jacksfilms. In Jacks PO box he gets Star Wars s*xual fanfic, dabbing Luigi and the loss meme but with Will Smith. Turd boigaming hits 100k. Samsmellsofapricots and ejsafc both hit 600k. Topless Jack is created on the Jack Massey Welsh channel. Jack is harassed by a commenter so he controversially calls him a pee-pee head who does not deserve his milk. Jack reacts to Shrek Is love, Shrek is life and immediately gets prepared in case Shrek drops by. Jack is shown a dabbing kazoo and harrases his fans saying that all he cares about is the money and he isn't supposed to care about all the stupid peasants around. Editor Kai is still a brush.
December 2021: The original ace vs turd boi420 boxing match is decided that turd boi420 wins, on the undercard Kong beats Flossy, Will Smith defeats Little Jack, Croatia vs Serbia results in a draw, Ronald Mcdonald Mc defeated by Colonel Sanders, Kai Camel defeats Augustus, Obi-Wan defeats Anakin and Jacksfilms vs Jacksepticeye is won by Jack Doherty. In Jacks PO box he has a picture of turd boi420 beating the original ace in a boxing match with you suck on it, a paper kazoo and one of Editor Kai's old toothbrushes. After harassing Roblox for long enough Jacks account is unbanned. Little Jacksucksatlife and Jacksucksatgeography hit 1 million. Jacks Twitter hits 400k, Samsmelsofapricots hits 600k. Ejsafc and JackMasseyWelsh hits 300k. The Slightly Taller as a female boy rather than a female girl remix is created and gets plenty of views. Jack gets hit with a swirly and LOVELY face at the same time making the video unavailable in all countries that aren't Russian. Editor Kai is still a brush but now has 600k subs.
January 2022: Because of the picture turd boi420 sent him last month in his PO box Jack starts beef with turdboi, lighting a picture of turd boi420. In Jacks PO box he gets a chair with the turd boi420 logo on it, a turd boi420 lamp and a big pair of boobs, jugs, bambzookas, wongs, wah-wahs and zingers. Turd boigaming hits 200k. Jacksucksatdrinking hits 500k subs. Jacksucksatroblox hits 1.6 million subs. Jack reaches 2.2 million subs. Indian Jack is now the most unfunny meme on JackSucksAtLife just above a video of a pigeon eating an eggplant. Jack signs back up for Fiverr but tells people and he's said stuff like "I stupid Kai smart" "turrrrrdboiiiiiiiiiii" and the classic "Hello is this quality content?" " no this is JackSucksatLife". For this month Jack is sponsored by the greatest game known to man raid: shadow legends, one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2019 and it's totally free! Currently almost 10 million users have joined Raid over the last six months, and it's one of the most impressive games in its class with detailed models, environments and smooth 60 frames per second animations! All the champions in the game can be customized with unique gear that changes your strategic buffs and abilities! The dungeon bosses have some ridiculous skills of their own and figuring out the perfect party and strategy to overtake them's a lot of fun! Currently with over 300,000 reviews, Raid has almost a perfect score on the Play Store! The community is growing fast and the highly anticipated new faction wars feature is now live, you might even find my squad out there in the arena! It's easier to start now than ever with rates program for new players you get a new daily login reward for the first 90 days that you play in the game! So what are you waiting for? Go to the video description, click on the special links and you'll get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey! Good luck and I'll see you there! Editor Kai is still a brush
February 2022: Turd boi420 decides to steal Kais 100k plaque which makes both Jack and Kai mad. In Jacks PO box he gets a tape with a video of a person unsubscribing from him and subbing to turd boi420, A group of people dabbing and a lamp. Jacksucksatpopuppirate hits 1.2 million subs. Jacks Twitter hits 400k. Jacksucksatstuff hits 1.5 million subs. Jack creates the sequel to I HATE VILLAGERS by creating I HATE VILLAGERS EVEN MORE ARGHGGHGGHH. Since his sponsorship with Raid: Shadow Legends ends Jack does a video exposing and roasting the game. In response Raid: Shadow Legends bans any person subscribed to Samsmellsofapricots, JackMasseyWelsh, ejsafc, JackSucksatLife, Jacksucksatstuff, Jack Massey Welsh, JackSucksatgeography, Jacksucksatpopuppirate, Jacksuckaagroblox, littlejacksucksatlife or jacksucksatdrinking. Jacks fans create the nickname Jack the big boi Jack tells them to stop and then we do it some more. Jack creates Jacksucksattwerking instantly getting 200k. Editor Kai is still a brush.
March 2022: Turd boi420 vs Jack Massey Welsh vs Kai Ross-Best for Kais 100k plaque is scheduled in CoolMathsgames. In Jacks PO box he gets A turd boi420 vs Kai vs jack massey welsh scarf, a piece of LOVELY fanart and underpants that Jack pooped in once. JackSucksatDrinking hits 600k subs. Jack reaches 2.5 million subs. Turd boigaming hits 300k subs. LittleJackSucksAtLife and JackSucksatGeography hits 1.2 million subs. Jacksucksattweking reaches 300k subs. Jack and his fans raid raid: shadow legends and manage to shut the servers down for 6 hours and get #MakeMobileGamingGreatAgain 3rd trending in the US. Editor Kai does a video with his doppelganger and it gets 2 million views. Jack does the video addressing the mean comment from Captain Sparklez in his last video. Jack say that turd boi be die after cool math game ( unliterally ). Editor Kai is still a brush but now has 700k subs.
April 2022: Turd boi420 vs Kai vs Jack in Coolmathgames is won by Kai. After that both Jack and Turd boi420 are mad so they both go to Kais house and slap him at the same time. In Jacks PO box he receives a poem from Kai about him winning back his 100k playbutton, fish food and a book full of dank memes. Little JackSucksatLife hits 1.5 million subs. Jacks Instragram hits 400k. JacksucksatRoblox hits 2 million 1subs. Turd boi420 hits 3 million subs. Turd boi420 reveals he is actually JackSucksatLife it is later revealed as an April fools by turdboi the great prankster. After the recent backlash Raid: Shadow Legends is confirmed to be shutting down at the end of May. Ali-A calls out Jack for shutting the game down and ruining other people's fun of the game. Jack responds with saying Ali-A suck moster d**k. FBE releases the video kids react to JackSucksatLife where they are not very happy with the content. Jack makes a reaction video where he shouts at young people for not liking his content for 12 minutes. Editor Kai is still a brush.
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I finally saw SPECTRE...then went ahead and wrote a better version of the script.

Well, I was traveling for a few months and FINALLY saw SPECTRE. I was so damn disappointed in the movie I decided I should rewrite it (in summary form) and make it better. Honestly, SPECTRE is the Bond movie I've been waiting for for decades, and now that it's out, it missed basically every important theme that movies about the SPECTRE organization are known for.
Here’s another way Spectre should have gone:
INTRODUCTION We open with a recap sequence of James Bond trying to break Vesper out of the submerged elevator in Venice. She stares at him as she gulps water.
James Bond wakes up submerged in water. He is disoriented for a split second, then sits up and splashes all over. Looking around…he is in his bathtub at home in London. He had fallen asleep in the tub.
Cut to James wearing a bathrobe and shaving. He hasn’t dreamt about Vesper in a long time, but something is nagging at him.
Voices play in his head:
Vesper: “Does everyone have a tell?” Bond: “Yes, everyone…except you.” M (Judie Dench): “She was blackmailed by the organization behind Le Chiffre. Sometimes we’re so focused on our enemies, we forget to watch our friends…” M (Judie Dench): “Well I suppose it’s…too late to make a run for it…” Bond: “I’m game if you are.” M (Judie Dench): “Well I did get one thing right….”
Bell at his door. He wipes his face.
Answering the door, it’s a delivery man with certified mail. Bond signs for it and takes it. It’s a package addressed to him directly from the former M who had died in his arms a few weeks earlier.
Opening the package, it’s a thumbdrive.
On the thumb drive, Bond finds a video message. It’s from M herself.
M (Judie Dench): “Bond, if you’re watching this, Silver has gotten the best of me. I don’t have much time so I’ll cut to the chase. There is no one else I trust with this information. There is something deeply wrong in the world. So many unanswered questions. How did Silver hack into our systems so easily? Who was bankrolling Le Chiffre? Unexplained bribery of otherwise trustworthy agents. Assassinations with no trace. Bond, you have, until now, been a precise instrument of the British government, focused on one person. Now, I need you to look at the bigger picture with me. There is a common thread. Someone named the Pale King. Find this man, and go deeper. I say again. Trust no one. Not even the new M. Good day, Bond. Good luck.”
Bond opens the first file. As he looks, he hears the rotary of a helicopter in the background. Within a few seconds, a spotlight shines at him through his window. Almost instantly, Bond throws himself to the floor as the windows erupt in machine-gun fire.
Queue action sequence where Bond barely gets out alive. Somehow, he survives the Helicopter gatling gun, but a monster of a henchman swings into the apartment to verify his death. Bond tries to fight him in nothing but his bathrobe, but is quickly outclassed. Somehow, he manages to barricade himself in his bathroom, but not before seeing a symbol on the ring of the hand of his attacker. He’s trying to put together a plan, when the pounding on his bathroom door stops. The man has gotten back onto the Helicopter and is flying away. Suddenly, police and special agents are swarming his Condo. He watches as the helicopter disappears into the sunrise.
Quickly, he finds a piece of paper and pencil, and draws the symbol he saw. It is an octopus. The octopus melts into the intro.
Bond is sitting in M’s office. M tells him that the Helicopter somehow disappeared shortly after the encounter at his apartment. He is flabbergasted. M is frustrated that the previous M left him very little information to go on regarding Bond’s previous missions. Why would someone go directly after him? Bond answers coyly. He will not reveal the previous M’s video request.
M responds to Bond’s vagueness with an ultimatum: “007, you and I are going to have to trust one another if we are to continue this relationship. I have seen what you can do, but I still don’t know what kind of man you are.”
M then segues into revealing the latest co-effort between the British Government and its allies: a joint intelligence network between over a hundred countries all over the world.
Bond is loudly (and uncharacteristically) skeptical. M defends the merits of the program to Bond, talking about the modernization of the times. Bond takes it personally. He liked the previous M better. M interprets Bond’s brashness as shock from the helicopter attack.
The conversation results in M suspending Bond until he recovers from the attack. Bond has no intention of any such thing. Bond doesn’t trust M. M clearly doesn’t trust Bond.
(It’s clear now that the movie is based on trust. Who can trust whom? How do you know if someone is lying? BOOM. Clear setup for battling an organization that is based on inserting influential people into high positions of power.)
Bond leaves M’s office and asks Money Penny about the new intelligence system. Money Penny directs Bond to visit Q.
At Q’s, Bond convinces Q to take a look at the new system. Q is there with his new assistant who is an expert on the system. The expert talks about all the latest AI tech behind it, and how it has access to nodes all over the world. Q knows about it and has access to it, but hasn’t taken a close look yet. As they investigate together, Q is surprised and dismayed by how detailed and unsecured the system is. The system is inappropriate for proper intelligence. Q’s assistant defends the systems integrity and cites his own credentials to back it up. Q hums and haws over it while Bond scans the octopus symbol into the search. No results appear. Then he runs a search on “the Pale King”. The term turns up only one name: “L’Americain, Tunisia.”
Q gives Bond a watch, and denies him the car due to his recent suspension. Q reminds Bond that if he leaves, he will have no backup, no support from MI-6. Bond leaves.
Cut to Tunisia.
Bond finds L’Americain—it is a hotel. He tries to rent a room, but the concierge will not rent him one. They keep saying the hotel is full, but he can clearly see that there are many available keys in the room boxes behind him. Before long, Bond figures out that the concierge is not actually the real concierge. He quickly fights and knocks the guy out. The real concierge is dead on the floor behind the counter at the spy’s feet. In looking at the room key boxes, there is only one key missing. The room on the top floor.
Reaching the top floor, he steps out of the elevator and nearly runs into the maid, pushing a cart into the elevator. As the doors close again, he sees one room at the end of the hall with the door ajar. Bond creeps up on the door and looks inside. The room is ransacked. He walks inside carefully with his gun drawn. There appears to be no-one there.
Looking around, he notices a mouse running along a wall. The mouse disappears into a hole. He breaks open the wall to reveal a hidden room.
Inside the room is a bunch of evidence of surveillance of him and Vesper during the events of Casino Royale. He finds a bunch of pictures of a young girl. One of the pictures has someone he recognizes in it. It is Mr. White, standing with the young girl, holding fish. The label on the picture says “At the cabin, 1989. Lake Weiss, AUS”.
The maid shows up behind Bond. She tries to kill him but misses. He grabs her and asks her who she works for. She bites a cyanide pill and dies.
He hears cars and shouting outside. More enemy agents. How are they finding him so fast? Where are they all coming from?
The man-monster is there, looking up at him. Queue a second fight scene with the big man. Bond is again outclassed, but slightly less this time. At least he’s not in a bathrobe. Bond is clear that he has no backup. The hotel gets set on fire and explodes (no more evidence of what Bond found for the bad guys). He runs from the big man and hijacks a motorcycle.
Bond calls Money Penny and asks for the location of a safe house. She gives him one, but not before berating him for breaking his orders (again.) He barely escapes notice and holes up in the safe house for a few days.
Upon leaving the safe house, he begins to suspect that he can’t go anywhere without his movements being tracked. Somehow, people are following him. He hops aboard a boat headed for Europe.
Cut to Lake Weiss in Austria. Bond finds a cabin with Mr. White in it. Mr. White tells him he’s dying due to exposure, and reveals the true nature of the Octopus symbol to Bond. It is SPECTRE, a powerful organization. Tells him he’s a “kite flying in a hurricane.”
Bond gets Mr. White to reveal a way to get into the organization–through his ex-wife, who is an accountant for the organization.
Bond finds Mr. White’s Ex-Wife in Geneva, who is a smart accountant. Madeleine (Monica Bellucci) indeed does work for SPECTRE, but is a mid-level employee. She tells him it’s a charity organization. She pulls him into the shower unexpectedly and turns it on. Bond shows her video of her father and tries to convinces her that SPECTRE is not a charity organization, but a terrorist one. Before he’s able to go further, she hushes him and pulls him into the shower. She turns it on.
As they are getting wet, she reveals that she already knows this, and is well versed in the spy world. But, she is trying to figure out how to bring down the organization from the inside. Bond and her are clearly aligned in motivation (we think…but she might not! Remember we’re dealing with a theme of Distrust here!)
She’s wearing a white see-through blouse (soaked from the water). Bond makes a remark about it before getting slapped. She smiles, however, and gives him a sexist zinger back.
Madeleine gives him a location of where the big meetings of SPECTRE are held, but says that he’ll have to figure out his own way in.
Queue really awesome heist/break-in sequence, showing the elaborate way that SPECTRE members have to go through to get into the secret meeting hall. Everyone has to wear a mask. No real identities are given.
Bond finally gets into the SPECTRE meeting where he overhears a discussion on an intelligence network that they are exploiting. He knows it is the one that M referred to. Now he thinks that M is working with SPECTRE.
At the head of the table is a man who is clearly in charge. He is shrouded in complete darkness and nobody can make the person out. After a while, the person interrupts the meeting to have a guy executed, no sweat, because that’s the kind of power he wields.
The guy in charge also passes along a message that there is a spy in their midst. Everyone looks at Bond. This scene is an homage to the “Eyes Wide Shut” scene with Tom Cruise where he gets outed at the sex club.
IMPORTANT: We never hear the voice of the guy in charge in this scene. He is an enigma. A ghost. An undetermined power. Bond is no match for him.
Bond makes his escape from the meeting room by throwing his watch bomb down.
Another action sequence with Bond fighting a bunch of dudes, getting back to Madeleine’s place, and getting her out of Geneva. She is nervous that they will track her down and kill her. Bond swears to her that it will never happen on his watch. He’s made this promise once before, but this time he means it. They find another safe house and have sex. Hot, steamy, sex. With lots of sweat and great lighting. She’s an older woman. She knows what she wants and how to get it from him.
Back in London, Bond takes Madeleine with him to headquarters and both are immediately arrested. She’s taken away, and he is detained in a cell. M visits him and gives him a lecture on trust again, threatening to not only take away his license to kill, but to lock him up where nobody would ever find him again.
Bond convinces M to trust him one more time, and examine the “Intelligence Network” more closely. They both go to Q’s office. M, Q, and Bond finally discover the extent to which SPECTRE’s reach really is. They have access to the entire intelligence mainframe of all the major NATO countries. Q wonders where his assistant is. The assistant is gone.
Q proceeds to work on shutting down the system. He finds that he needs a security key that changes every 30 seconds. There must be an organization member with access? Bond remembers that Madeleine is in the building. They all rush to find Madeleine, but find that she’s just been taken out of the building. M is furious. Bond takes the Aston Martin from Q’s garage and rushes down the streets of London. He catches up to the limousine carrying Madeleine to Heathrow’s private airplane section. There is a helicopter waiting to take off with her.
Bond rushes in, switches on his car sidewinders and blows the shit out of the helicopter. Madeleine, Q’s assistant, and the Man Monster are all there. Queue the Bond action music. Man monster has a gatling gun and sprays the Aston Martin. Bond doesn’t give a fuck any more and drives the AM into him, crushing him against the wall of the hangar. (queue applause)
Q’s assistant uses Madeleine as a human shield, claiming that there is no way to stop what is happening. SPECTER is everywhere. The world is theirs. As he talks, he points the gun at Bond to kill him. Madeleine bumps his arm and ducks. Bond shoots him in the head.
Bond rushes over and grabs Madeleine. He asks her if she has the verification codes he needs. She hands him a digital readout from Q’s assistant’s coat.
Bond makes a call to Q and gives him the current code. Q puts it in and starts to work. Soon, Q starts talking
Q: “Deployment halted. I’m deleting the network piggyback algorithms. Good work, Bond. This will take a few days, but I believe we have it.”
Bond stands there with his hand on his phone. He turns to look at Madeleine. As he turns, he says
Bond: “Looks like the organization is….being disorganized.”
She is gone. There’s no trace of her. Bond looks around, confused.
Cut to Madeleine. She is on her phone.
Madeleine: “Did you get what you needed before it went down?” …. Madeleine: “Well, it will have to do, won’t it?” …. Madeleine: “Yes, tell him…I will take care of Bond.”
Pan the camera around her until it shows the back of her neck. Her hair has always been worn down until now. On the back of her neck is a tattoo…of the SPECTRE OCTOPUS. DUN DUN DUN.
Well this was fun. Totally not official and probably full of plot holes, but I think it’s way better than the totally bland version on screen right now.
Some key notes that I think should have been visited: - The guy in charge of SPECTRE should not have been revealed. - Trust issues are super important in this movie. - Less exposition and show how pervasive SPECTRE actually is. - James Bond does NOT defeat SPECTRE in one movie. They are an organization. We need at LEAST 2 movies to find out who the head of it is.
My 2 cents. :/
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[Table] IAmA: Playboy's Cyber Girl of the months for August 2013: Kyara Tyler

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Date: 2013-08-28
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Questions Answers
What is the pay like with your job? (If you don't mind!) What's the best and worst part of your job? What sort of music do you like listening to? Favourite band/album/song? Who said I have a job? Cyber girl shoots pay atm 500$ However I have heard of other girls shooting for less and for nothing, not sure how that works. I like Lana Del Rey
How much work does it take to look that gorgeous?? It takes a lot of work. I wake up looking pretty busted. an hour to do makeup and sometimes a while to do my hair. But the hours spent at the gym... i was not born with a naturally fit body at all I really have to work out. But I might go into fitness modeling so im trying not to whine to much just yet
For someone who is working to get a bit fitter just now, that's really inspiring. Thank you :) Yeah its a pain in the ass. You know I just had a back injury myself for a few weeks. It really scared me. I lost a lot of muscle tone. Its finally better and I am trying to get stronger. Keep at it and try to work out smart don't over do it, its not worth it.
Nice!! Good looks and brains. No doubt you will make a happy partner to someone (you coming to australia? :-p) What is ur degree in if u dont mind me asking? Ohh and about the pic. Just post to your favorite image site like instagram, flickr, photobucket. Anything u have a pic collection in or I will just have to use my imgination hehehe. Do you find any extre promo work has started seeping through since your made pinup? E.g. clothing labels etc. I was in Australia once already. I dove the reef in 2009. Fucking amazing. Degree is in microbiology. hm ok. yes my instagram is thekyaratyler So far work hasnt picked up yet but I havent really been slinging the title much either.
What are you going to school for? What interests you about/got you into that field/major? Microbiology is my major. I had a discussion today about the concept of Microbiome. This is where scientists study the specific flora that live in harmony with YOU, EACH individual has a different assortment. Then they make health assumptions and predictions based off of that. It is sort of a new angle to studying health.
Ever party at the Mansion? If so, what was the most unexpected experience you had there? I do party at the Mansion. For this last midsummers I had Too short take a pic with me, when one of his songs was playing in the background. That was a surreal moment to be sure.
Who are some other models or photographers that you admire? Is there anyone you'd dream of working with? Is this all just one big effort to become an actress? There's the stereotype that all models want to act. What's an outfit you could wear every day and be comfortable in while feeling attractive? I really admire Josh Ryan, he seems to get it right every time. I really enjoy Jenny McCarthy she took a small thing, and really went far with it. I don't think I will ever be any good at acting. I would be a better stand up comedian. Even though no one likes pretty comedians so that was doomed from the start :/. I have a shit-ton of cute work out clothes. I feel sexy in them, I think other people think I am semi sexy in them, and I am all about comfort and working out. :)
So you are what most guys would consider to be a ridiculously good looking woman, is there anything you're not crazy about when you look in the mirror? The whole "sexting" thing is a big deal now. Does your hypothetical boyfriend get sexy pics via text message once in a while or do you just tell him to google you? I don't mind sending sexy tease photos, but I might have been ahead of the curve on that. And since there is a lot of content out there for the general public I think sending a cute flirty personalized photo from my day can tell a guy that they are special... because they are the only one getting THOSE photos. By crazy do you mean crazy happy or crazy yuck?
Crazy happy, in other words, is there anything you don't like? My Ass! I want it to be rounder. I need to do a million squats but my knees are not tracking 100% (I blame high heels) so its difficult to do a lot of lunges. But I try! :)
What have been the biggest differences between your perception of being a Playboy model, and actually being one? Do you find it a bit more glamorous then other modeling gigs? The first couple of sets I shot I felt like the talent behind the camera wasn't very good. You imagine it being such a good vibe on set and everything is cool and comfortable. It wasn't the photographer was kind of a dog and made me really uncomfortable. I am glad the pics turned out alright though!
That's shitty to hear the photographer was a dog, we all know that their photography skills are limited at best. Do you think that your upbringing shaped your idea of sexuality/ nudity? As in to be more public with yourself? No nudity wasn't really something discussed in my family. I was never told posing for Playboy would be ok or accepted. I just did it and let the chips fall. I always thought Playboy was a good outlet for women who want to be classy but also do want to show off. I took the risk that my pictorials would be a presentation of that and no one would be offended. I haven't had any family problems over it.
What are your favorite hobbies? Have you modeled before and plan on doing more? Why do PlayBoy now? Sounds like you income and a career plan. Are you worried about nude modeling biting you in the ass when you're looking for jobs in-line with your education? No I am not worried about it biting me in the ass. My name under my degree is completely different. I have modeled before. I did a non nude shoot for Hustler and I was on the billboard for the casino. That was a big one for me. I might not do to much more, we will see what happens. My favorite hobbies are circus arts. If you look through my insta feed you will see lyra and aerial silk stuff. I love doing that.
As a semi-pro photographer, I'm always wondering how things work as far as the dynamic between you and the photographer on a shoot like this. I only shoot people with their clothes on (so far, lol) but even then it's tough sometimes to give direction to the model to get the pose or the look that you want. With a nude shoot like this, how does the photographer give you direction? I mean, you both know the look you're going for, but I guess what I'm asking is how does one politely say something like "Can you spread your legs a little more, we can't see the goods" or "Hey, put your arms under your boobs and lift them up, they look really hot that way". Is it incredibly awkward, or do you just agree not to get offended for an hour or so? This is my favorite question so far. The dynamic between photographers and models can be so crazy. It really depends on the team. I have seen shy clueless photogs who get really nervous and I have also seen some REALLY AWFUL models. Some models will just try to not do anything at all and still get paid. So its a trick question to address just right here we could talk forever about it. But lets start with a few things... You should discuss with the model before the shoot date what kind of shots your going for. Send lots of samples. this way it is clear what she will and will not do. I personally am not a fan of super close up pussy shots. So if someone is squatting in front of me with a zoom lense I might be a little bit like "wait a second we didnt agree to that". Just because a woman has done some kinky/gross/hot photography doesn't mean she will do it for you. Some of the steamier shots of me out there have resulted from the highest PAY. so I am sure that you can understand that. I think that blunt honesty in writing before the shoot is one of the best policies. Simply say what you want. Say Hey, I would like to get some shots of you that are Hustler style. including spread leg and maybe hand play what have you. Do not just HOPE that a model will give you more than you have negotiated for because usually its the other way around they will try to give less. In the specific case of the Playboy shoot, I knew what was req for the set. So Holly and I would just play around with sexy ideas and then at the end of each set she would say "Ok time for spread leg" and I would try to do a sexy pose spread. Holly is fun but also so professional she knows how to ask without creepin. Plus she is a woman that helps a lot as well. I think the best advice I can give you is to try and be a negotiator during shoots. If someone asks me "would you be comfortable doing this for me?" comes off way better than "Do this" or "thats not sexy enough" or being rude and commanding. For your specific question if you really wanted spread leg shots and we were working together I would want you to say "remember that Playboy pictorial where you had the spread leg?" I want you to give me that. Then its up to me to be honest and agree to do it or not without wasting anyones time. Communication and being sweet and nice can take you much further with a model. If you have any other questions feel free to keep the thread going :)
Hey Kyara, not sure if its been asked or not but what do you see as your ideal job? What would you like to do for the next 20 years? I would really like to use my microbiology degree to work in a lab. I think that it would be really rewarding.
Shut my hole? There's a porn joke in there somewhere but I think I'll let it slide. I have no idea what your talking about as it is not usually profitable for my hole to be shut. HA. how about that. ewww. ok that was bad even for me.
Hahaha ok. You turned me, I'm now officially a fan. That was way better than anything I could have came up with. Im glad your happy. Im still busy apologizing to my vagina.
Whoa. This AMA went downhill fast. Kyara, Have you ever been to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro? I got all these reports for my bad spelling... Its Kyara haha.
Edit: my mistake. But it doesnt really matter. I just wanted to try it and see what it would be like. There are a lot of overly critical people on here. Its cool I am fine to delete the whole thing tomorrow. its just an experiment. One night only!
So now that you've posted proof, how has your career changed since you got CGoM? Are you getting more/better offers? Or is it still more of the same? I took the summer off and visited family, then I ate a lot, now I am back in school. I havent even had a chance to ask if anyone else wants to take my picture. Its debatable but I kinda am banking on it being similar to how it was before. I mean, im the same chick. I mean people might assume my rates will be higher now, (ha ha what rates) and not want to shoot me. Its a tricky business.
Loser and *you're. And why are you angry? I'm just telling you why people wanted proof and that a Q&A with a playboy chick may not be the most interesting thing for reddit (at the moment at least. Reddit is obviously many users so maybe most of the people online just don't have questions for you). I said *maybe people don't want to talk to you. This AMA obviously has some people's interest (because you already got a few questions asked) but you kind of proved it yourself by saying "Playboy chicks are just normal cute girls." What questions are there to ask to a normal girl like you said you are? Still hanging out are you. Waiting for me to pull out my boobs so you can get your little dick off? stop talking. Your boring me.
How old were you when you first realized that you were good-looking? What made you realize that? How do you looks make life easieharder for yourself? This one is easy for me. I had a really messed up teeth when I was younger. I had to have braces and both kinds of the old school head gear. When I got through that, I had my braces off before entering high school. They were taken off at the beginning of 8th grade. I remember seeing my straight teeth and they were so slippery after my braces were gone, I felt like I was so lucky to have really nice teeth. I started to feel pretty just because of that. It was a lot of suffering to get that though!
Avoid the awkward first date convo. Date me, I already know:-) Hahah! That is one thing about the whole Playboy thing it definitely has ruined online dating for me. I have to troll birthday parties and stuff hoping to meet someone the old fashioned way ! :)
After a month or so. It would probably be weird if you came out and said it on the first date. But if you hold it to long it would come off as you are ashamed or lying or something. So probably a month or 2-4 date's. I agree.
Do you play any computer games? Which ones? And can we play together sometimes ? :) I don't! I have never even played candy crush, even though I noticed the other day somehow it got loaded onto my phone... If I was to start playing games what are the best? Please don't say Wow.
What's hef like in real life? Hes very quiet. I just go for parties and on the weekends. He has never really said anything but common courtesies to me directly.
That's actually really cool. What motivated you to get in to micro biology? I think it's an interesting field, even though it's not something I ever got into personally. I did RN and hated it. I hated how hard it was and I hated the administration. I didnt mind patient care too bad, but the administration hasn't really supported great patient care in a long time. I re applied to college. I had the credentials for microbio and it was one of the only things that was not impacted. That is how it started
That's pretty surprising. When I think of models going to school, I generally think business, or English, or some pointless degree because they're counting on their looks to sell them. It's cool to see a more "brainy" girl modeling. No I don't really want my looks to sell me at all. I did the modeling just because I had a curiosity about it. :)
There was a recent video on reddit stating that porn stars have very difficult time getting jobs after doing porn that don't involving a sexual nature. Do you fear the same issues or feel good about the future? I feel good about the future because I am not in mainstream porn. My true identity is hidden, and the Playboy stuff I don't view to be that damaging. I am not interesting in teaching children or other jobs where there might be a direct conflict of interest even with something as mild as Playboy.
How much are you already regretting doing this ama? Im not really regretting it at all. You try something to see what it is like. Now I will know.
What other creative activities do you do, if any? I do silks, pole, and lyra. I have my advanced and nitrox open water dive certificates. I also have my endorsement for flying helicopters. I have so far only trained a few hours in an R22.
You ever think about doing hardcore porn? I had posed nude several times for different art purposes before doing Playboy so getting naked wasn't that big of a deal. I don't know anything about the hardcore porn industry and how it works and any time I consider it I get freaked out! Its just not for me to have contact like that on camera.
I always see lovely ladies around my town but I'm hella shy. Being someone who probably gets hit on a lot, what stands out to you in a guy the most? Its nice when a guy is confident enough to come up and say hi, perhaps give his name or card. But don't linger too long. Women like to make a judgement about attraction without you being up in their face. So offer to give a card or offer a contact. If they accept it, walk away. Dont enforce getting the womans contact in return we don't like that. If we like you we will call you.
What do you think about the dirty saying mean shit about you? Link to thedirty.com. Well I know who wrote that, and its not true. I already responded on my insta and fb. Girls that do escorting and stuff like that, its pretty easy to find their ads. I don't have anything to do with that world and I have no desire to find out! I would prefer to just have a normal monogamous healthy relationship.
Ya that website is clearly made up of angry exes and jealous hoes. You seem super nice, thanks for answering! Yeah I thought it was funny how they even said in the blast "why hasn't she been on blast yet" ... um... well because I am a nice girl that is why!!
What was the auditioning process to first shoot with PB? I went to Playboy West studios. Originally the casting is always to try for Playmate. They didn't feel like I was up to par with that or it may have been that I had already shot nude before. I had a photog take a few nude samples and then they were sent off to a review board. They decided Cyber club was a good fit for my look and two weeks after the audition I was booking my amateur shoots.
Whats it like in the mansion? What's Hefner like in person? Want to follow me on instagram? My name is thizzhorse if that's a yes. Thank you for your time! :) Hef is a good guy. Hes pretty shy he doesnt say very much.
Hi, What is something about you that most would not guess? Also sorry but when I attempted to take a reciprical photo my camera broke. People get surprised when I talk about doing aerial silks and lyra. I have only been doing it for about two years, but I am pretty good. There are some photos on my instagram.
If you suddenly blew up like a balloon how would you react and what would you do?? Blew up like as in became obese? That would be awful. I would pop myself.
After your experience here, do you plan on staying around on Reddit to view some of the other interesting stuff, or is that it for you? I do plan on poking around. I want to see what other discussions are going on. :) What are your favorite things to see on here?
What are the worst questions you've received? I see you posted "So far Reddit men are not very nice..." on your FB. Just nasty rude guys trying to cut me down. It doesn't really matter though simply wanted to try this out as an experiment!
Fuck those guys. Actually dont... just be awesome and ignore them. I will try :)
In case you're unfamiliar with reddit... there are these fucking trolls everywhere that have nothing better to do than try to make people want to shoot themselves. just this comment will probably get me trolled. oh well. I think you were trying to be supportive(?). I appreciate the advice. Its my first time on the site so I am just learning what its about as well.
Yeah, people on this site can suck ass sometimes. /secretsanta is full of (mostly) nice people :D. :)
What's the minimum amount of fingers someone has to have for you to find attractive? HAHAH! Did you have a fishing accident? bowling mishap? what happened! If a shark bit it off, well then your hot in my book! ;)
I do party at the Mansion. For this last midsummers I had Too short take a pic with me, when one of his songs was playing in the background. That was a surreal moment to be sure. And yes i do have evidence.
A one night stand. Yup might as well make it nasty!
I masturbated to you. I hope it was good! Maybe send me a photo for paybacks on a lonely night? HAHA.
Oh boy...I don't know if you realize what you just asked for. RIP Inbox. Its still empty atm!
The comments by dirty are a complete fabrication. I have known Kyara for several years now, and consider her a close friend. Kyara is one of the kindest and yes extremely beautiful people you could ever meet.I consider myself lucky to know her. Aw thanks Dean, yeah they are dumb. those people just don't have anything better to do.
Here's a tip: this is the Internet. We assume everyone is fake until proven otherwise. Barack Obama had to post proof. You should have had proof ready to go, but perhaps your "tech guy" let you down. Don't take it personally, no one here is out to get you, we just like rules. Your rules have been satisfied now shut your hole!
This guys got some good advice! Its fine now that the proof is up they can all slink away. I swear there is a special kind of guy that LIKES to interact with the fake he-shes of the internet.
Her insistence in replying to everyone is really pretty amazing. It's really hard not to troll a Playboy model... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH thats funny!
I don't see anything related to this AMA on that Facebook page... YOU GUYS... I just logged on for the first time just now. My friend was helping me. Hey I know tech guys are critical but jeeze. Give me two fucking seconds to post a picture. Wow.
Guys, she responded to my post twice, and then had a friend respond. He responded because he saw you were being an ass hole. I just posted a photo. You dont have to be a fucking jerk.
Who knows if she's a playboy model, but she sure as fuck blonde. Your also an ass hole.
I wasn't being a jerk, I was pushing for the enforcement of the rules, which you appeared to be functionally oblivious to. The picture is up. enough said. But keep flapping your lips if you really want. Im sure everyone is paying... attention... to... ... ... .. oh sorry what was that ? more shit about the rules? hm sorry
You're* And thats the proof! hahaha.
Technically he's being nice by trying to help you improve your grammar... I am done talking to you
Somehow I have a hard time believing that. Believing what?
What NoDoubt said. And I don't have a facebook account so I can't view the link. I'll just have to take your word. I posted my twitter and insta links above.
Bachiavelli has a hard time believing that you could look like a hag after 7pm. Well the pics on my facebook. So you guys can decide for yourselves.
Here are guidelines on proof if you want to use facebook, you will need to post a message on there saying that you're doing at AMA. Done.
There's gonna be a bunch of messages on here from before you put up the pic. Gotta just ignore them and move on to the more interesting questions. It'll liven up now that everyone can see it. Yeah my friend actually called me and yelled at me and said I should have posted the pic first. SORRY INTERNETS. JEEZE!
The internet is a fickle mistress haha. But good on you. Too many people post extraordinary claims and no proof. You followed through =) :)
Haters gonna hate or some such non-sense. As someone said above, anyone can post a facebook. Posting proof on facebook is more difficult... WELL I just did it and ill write it again on my ass tomorrow hahah! :)
now the internet is watching your facebook patiently haha. ITS UP OMG.
Believing what? The pic is up you guys want to talk to me or be a bunch of ass holes?
Still hanging out are you. Waiting for me to pull out my boobs so you can get your little dick off? stop talking. Your boring me. Actually stay. ... and harass me... if it will keep you from beating your wife! hahah!
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