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[US Promotion] I would like to celebrate Thanksgiving by gifting you all books!

UPDATE: More books added by siffis and West1234567890 further down
If are late coming across this post then do not worry you can still message me your email for a book.
To celebrate my day off today and Thanksgiving tomorrow I would like to gift my audiobooks.
In order to recieve a free audiobook gift just message me any title (below) along with your email address. If you have not recieved a gift before then you will get the audiobook for free. More details here and here. I am in the US market (but I hear from Canada and UK that it still works).
Books crossed out are not available.
TITLE - AUTHOR (Ordered by author)

siffis has generously offered to include his collection. If you like any of the books below then message directly.

West1234567890 [Also added additional books below](https://www.reddit.com/audible/comments/k0s76n/us_promotion_i_would_like_to_celebrate/gdlwylu?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3).
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This probably shouldn't be here, but this is every Sonic game and their levels that I can remember on the spot.

Sonic 1 (16-bit):
Green Hill, Marble, Spring Yard, Labyrinth, Star Light, Scrap Brain, Final

Sonic 1 (8-bit):
Green Hill, Bridge, Jungle, Labyrinth, Scrap Brain, Sky Base

Sonic 2 (8-bit):
Under Ground, Sky High, Aqua Lake, Green Hills, Gimmick Mt. Scrambled Egg, Crystal Egg

Sonic 2 (16-bit):
Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, Aquatic Ruin, Casino Night, Hill Top, Mystic Cave, Oil Ocean, Metropolis, Sky Chase, Wing Fortress, Death Egg

Sonic CD:
Palmtree Panic, Collision Chaos, Tidal Tempest, Quartz Quadrant, Wacky Workbench, Stardust Speedway, Metallic Madness

Sonic Chaos:
Turquoise Hill, Gigalopolis, Sleeping Egg, Mecha Green Hill, Aqua Planet, Electric Egg

SegaSonic the Hedgehog:
Volcanic Vault, Icy Isle, Desert Dodge, Trap Tower, Landslide Limbo, Wild Water Way, Eggman's Tower

Sonic 3:
Angel Island, Hydrocity, Marble Garden, Carnival Night, Ice Cap, Launch Base

Sonic & Knuckles:
Mushroom Hill, Flying Battery, Sandopolis, Lava Reef, Hidden Palace, Sky Sanctuary, Death Egg, The Doomsday

Sonic Triple Trouble:
Great Turquoise, Sunset Park, Meta Junglira, Robotnik Winter, Tidal Plant, Atomic Destroyer

Knuckles' Chaotix
Isolated Island, Botanic Base, Speed Slider, Amazing Arena, Techno Tower, Marina Madness

Sonic 3D Blast:
Green Grove, Rusty Ruin, Spring Stadium, Diamond Dust, Volcano Valley, Gene Gadget, Panic Puppet, The Final Fight

Sonic Adventure:
Emerald Coast, Windy Valley, Casinopolis, Icecap, Twinkle Park, Speed Highway, Red Mountain, Sky Deck, Hot Shelter*, Lost World, Final Egg
* E-102 Gamma, Amy, and Big only

Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure:
Neo South Island, Secret Plant, Cosmic Casino, Aquatic Relix, Sky Chase, Aerobase, Gigantic Angel, Last Utopia, Chaotic Space

Sonic Adventure 2:
City Escape, Metal Harbor, Green Forest, Pyramid Cave, Crazy Gadget, Final Rush
Wild Canyon, Pumpkin Hill, Aquatic Mine, Death Chamber, Meteor Herd
Prison Lane, Mission Street, Route 101, Hidden Base, Eternal Engine
Radical Highway, White Jungle, Sky Rail, Final Chase
Dry Lagoon, Egg Quarters, Security Hall, Route 280, Mad Space
Iron Gate, Sand Ocean, Lost Colony, Weapons Bed, Cosmic Wall

Sonic Advance:
Neo Green Hill, Secret Base, Casino Paradise, Ice Mountain, Angel Island, Egg Rocket, Cosmic Angel, X-Zone, The Moon

Sonic Advance 2:
Leaf Forest, Hot Crater, Music Plant, Ice Paradise, Sky Canyon, Techno Base, Egg Utopia, XX, True Area 53

Sonic Heroes:
Seaside Hill, Ocean Palace, Grand Metropolis, Power Plant, Casino Park, BINGO Highway, Rail Canyon, Bullet Station, Frog Forest, Lost Jungle, Hang Castle, Mystic Mansion, Egg Fleet, Final Fortress

Sonic Advance 3:
Route 99, Sunset Hill, Ocean Base, Toy Kingdom, Twinkle Snow, Cyber Track, Chaos Angel, Altar Emerald, Nonaggression

Sonic Rush:
Leaf Storm, Water Palace, Mirage Road, Night Carnival, Huge Crisis, Altitude Limit, Dead Line, Unknown, Exception

Sonic Rivals:
Forest Falls, Colosseum Highway, Sky Park, Crystal Mountain, Death Yard, Meteor Base

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Wave Ocean, Dusty Desert, White Acropolis, Crisis City, Flame Core, Radical Train, Tropical Jungle, Kingdom Valley, Aquatic Base, End of the World

Sonic Rush Adventure:
Plant Kingdom, Machine Labyrinth, Coral Cave, Haunted Ship, Sky Babylon, Blizzard Peaks, Pirates' Island, Big Swell, Deep Core

Sonic Rivals 2:
Blue Coast, Sunset Forest, Neon Palace, Frontier Canyon, Mystic Haunt, Chaotic Inferno

Sonic and the Secret Rings:
Lost Prologue, Sand Oasis, Dinosaur Jungle, Evil Foundry, Levitated Ruin, Pirate Storm, Skeleton Dome, Night Palace

Sonic Unleashed:
Windmill Isle, Savannah Citadel, Rooftop Run, Cool Edge, Arid Sands, Skyscraper Scamper, Jungle Joyride, Eggmanland

Sonic Colors:
Tropical Resort, Sweet Mountain, Starlight Carnival, Planet Wisp, Aquarium Park, Asteroid Coaster, Terminal Velocity

Sonic Lost World:
Windy Hill, Desert Ruins, Tropical Coast, Frozen Factory, Silent Forest, Sky Road, Lava Mountain

Sonic Mania:
Angel Island*, Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Studiopolis, Flying Battery, Press Garden, Stardust Speedway, Hydrocity, Mirage Saloon, Oil Ocean Lava Reef, Metallic Madness, Titanic Monarch, Egg Reverie
*Encore Mode only

Sonic Forces:
Lost Valley, Spaceport, Ghost Town, Prison Hall, Egg Gate, Arsenal Pyramid, Luminous Forest, Green Hill, Park Avenue, Casino Forest, Aqua Road, Sunset Heights, Capital City, Chemical Plant, Red Gate Bridge, Guardian Rock, Network Terminal, Death Egg, Metropolitan Highway, Null Space, Imperial Tower, Mortar Canyon, Iron Fortress, Final Judgement

(will edit when new games are released)
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Isla Volcán Del Diablo is live!

Isla Volcán Del Diablo is live!

Isla Volcán Del Diablo is a fantasy course based on the real-life island of Aogashima.

Located off the coast of Peru the mystical island’s last volcanic eruption was around 3,500 years ago. Undiscovered until 1528 by the Spanish explorer Diego de Almagro, who named the island ‘Isla Volcán Del Diablo’ after the impenetrable cliffs and sulphurous odour. After weeks of exploration several artefacts were identified as Incan, a settlement used as a place of ceremony and believed to be haunted by the fabled tales handed down over time.

In 2015 an audacious project was launched to build an all-inclusive casino resort and golf course. Five years later a 5-star resort and casino complex is now open for business. Guests can arrive by boat and take the 600 foot elevator to the resort level or fly the 110 miles by helicopter from the international airport of Lima.


The resort has two resort towers and a 275,000 square foot pool surrounded by tropical huts and lush gardens. Guests can relax by the pool where they can enjoy their welcome complimentary cocktail, while their bags are taken to their room.

Meals are served in the veranda bar located over the pool where happy our is a generous 2pm until 7pm to enjoy the sunset setting against the island’s dormant volcano.

For those guests looking for a little more privacy there is a stadium section with private villas, many with their own pools. All villas overlook the 18th hole and is modelled on the Bali National signature 17th hole.

All guests have access to the casino that is based on the top floor of tower 1 with breath-taking 360 degree views over the island and out to the pacific ocean.
An eighteen hole championship golf course takes in the natural contours of the island working it’s way up to the ridge line including the adventurous fourth hole taking in central caldera with a 239 foot drop to the green below.
3 tee boxes, Championship tees (blue), Members tees (white) and guests tees (red) with four pin positions depending on the competition on the day. Pin 1, standard locations, Pin 2, a challenge set, Pin 3, championship pins, Pin location 4, the greenskeeper was drinking that morning, play if you dare…

Course Description
Hole 1: Par 4 Championship: 390yds Members: 373yds Guests: 346yds
A gentle uphill dogleg right to start the round will get us underway. A long iron for the second shot to a generous 2 tier green guarded by two bunkers.

Hole 2: Par 5 Championship: 617yds Members: 607yds Guests: 590yds
A true test of 3 shots. This par 5 plays it’s full length into the prevailing wind. Split fairway requires a well-placed drive to give yourself a full second around the dogleg right into a left to right sloping fairway. Another generous two-tier raised green with a large bunker on the left and two on the right.

Hole 3: Par 4 Championship: 372yds Members: 365yds Guests: 358yds
A large fairway bunker guards the middle of this downhill tee shot. Take this into consideration for the mid iron approach to this uphill two-tier green with bunkers front right and back left.

Hole 4: Par 3 Championship: 143yds Members: 118yds Guests: 118yds
Some may be put off by the fantasy hole that is the par 3 4th. A simple chip shot is all that is required to get the ball dropping 239 feet (xxx metres) onto the green at the centre of this caldera. Even though the volcano isn’t active, there are still remnants of what once was with the bubbling lake. Be careful driving the buggy down into the centre of the volcano. After putting out take a well-earned drink at the canteen.

Hole 5: Par 4 Championship: 454yds Members: 431yds Guests: 407yds
Styled on the Jack Nicklaus designed Great Waters at Reynolds Lake Oconee’s 11th hole, the three-tier green structure is 170 feet deep which will make for club selection for the second shot very important!


Hole 6: Par 4 Championship: 426yds Members: 399yds Guests: 378yds
A straight hole down hill with a creek crossing at the landing zone split by a diagonal fairway bunker will place a premium on the drive. An uphill second to a three-tier green. No bunkers, but getting the ball on the correct tier is a must.

Hole 7: Par 5 Championship: 525yds Members: 513yds Guests: 496yds
Downhill tee shot will again place a premium on accuracy with yet another creek crossing. From there the dogleg right fairway winds its way uphill to a well-protected green with a false front, don’t be short!

Hole 8: Par 4 Championship: 421yds Members: 406yds Guests: 388yds
Driving up to the top ridge line you will be faced with a daunting tee shot protected by two fairway bunkers and a cliff drop of over 600 feet into the ocean below. A short iron into a large three‑tier green protected by a large front bunker and another back right.

Hole 9: Par 3 Championship: 191yds Members: 167yds Guests: 150yds
A dramatic 100 foot drop to the small right to left sloping green will require a well-crafted tee shot. Protected by bunkers left, back right and right across the front you will do well to walk off with a par.

Hole 10: Par 4 Championship: 374yds Members: 364yds Guests: 353yds
A straightaway downhill par 4 protected by a creek across the front of the green. Only the brave (or the wet) will take driver here, leaving a small chipshot onto a tight green with bunkers front right and behind. A good chance for a birdie.

Hole 11: Par 4 Championship: 382yds Members: 358yds Guests: 340yds
Slicers paradise! This drive will reward those that can hit a left to right slicing ball. Don’t get greedy or the fairway bunkers will come into play. The hole plays downhill off the tee to a tight green surrounded by pot bunkers.

Hole 12: Par 5 Championship: 550yds Members: 530yds Guests: 502yds
A risk reward hole that plays a lot longer than it looks, as it’s all uphill. The fairway has a double dogleg left and requires two very good shots before a mid-iron into a two-tier green surrounded by large bunkers.

Hole 13: Par 4 Championship: 459yds Members: 448yds Guests: 431yds
Another straight downhill par 4 requiring a well-placed tee shot to avoid the fairway bunkers. From there a long iron into a shallow green with plenty of area to miss right if required.

Hole 14: Par 4 Championship: 406yds Members: 387yds Guests: 359yds
Sulphur lake. The remnants of the volcano are evident here with a minor eruption only 3 years ago killing most of the trees surrounding this hole. After an uphill tee shot a short iron is all that is required to setup a birdie putt. What ever you do don’t go in the water after your ball…

Hole 15: Par 4 Championship: 386yds Members: 364yds Guests: 341yds
This long uphill par 4 will knock the wind out of your sails. The green sits over 100 feet above the tee boxes. The second shot is to a blind two-tier green with a large bunker protecting the front right complex. You are better off long unless it’s the diabolical pin 4.

Hole 16: Par 3 Championship: 162yds Members: 152yds Guests: 137yds
Signature hole. This simple par 3 will make or break your round. From the back tee the green sits 46 feet downhill and puts a premium on shot selection. A brave golfer will be pin high looking at a birdie, the foolish golfer will be long and a 600 foot drop to a watery grave. DON’T GO LEFT!

Hole 17: Par 4 Championship: 506yds Members: 479yds Guests: 452yds
A long downhill dogleg right means aiming a little further left to get the kick off the hill and set yourself up with a short iron into a green that slopes front to back. Take half a club less for your approach.
Hole 18: Par 3 Championship: 167yds Members: 142yds Guests: 119yds
A replica of the 17th hole at Bali National Golf Club this stadium hole sits in the middle of the luxury villas. A short par 3 to an island green and your round is complete.
Time to get back to the resort for a swim, you deserve it!

Enjoy your round!
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"I forgot to do Road to Luster" - guide for quickly doin some of the tasks for road to luster

Writing this quick guide since some of my team members forgot to do it and are doing it last second
If you haven't been doing road to luster on JP, probably now would be a good time to go through and do them before its too late. most of the tasks have you killing 100 of a certain enemy type, but since theres no limited quests running, it might be difficult trying to find quests to do to even get this amount without wasting a large amount of time
Any story quest (Wriggling, Incarnate, Legend) -Casual runs count towards it, so just run casual and skip cutscenes
Clear Emergency Quests
Dark Falz Elder, Luther (Non-Omega), Armada of Demise,
-Spam Normal or Hard when phase 1 for these quests happen. Theres no required difficulty for these missions
Clear Time Attacks
Time Attack - Harukotan (Super Hard)
Any Special Gift
-Run on Lowest Difficulty, since all difficulties award a special gift
Extra Hard: Clear Free/Arks/Limited Quests
-Forest exploration/Volcanic Caverns Exploration (XH)
S ranks aren't needed for the requirement, so just travel art to the final area. I reccomend only doing these two, and not coast as well, since bal rodos can take a while to defeat, due to having to wait for it to appear
Defeat 100 Darkers
-Divide Quest: Free for all
Free for all is usually a pretty decent quest to do just for a variety of enemies, but might take a while. I suggest just running step 1-5 of Divide quests, and keep reaccepting the quest until a Free for all shows up. Free for alls can either swap between natives of the area or darkers, so keep that in mind
-Advance Quest - Any (Super Hard, 50 Risk)
Its reccomended you run these also with whatever type of enemy you need to kill as well (Kurons, Oceanids, Mechs)
Defeat 100 Lumimechs
-Divide Quest: Free for all
Around 50 or so lumimechs per run. Its reccomended you run this for whatever other enemy type you need to defeat as well
-Episode 6 Chapter 4: The Demise Approaches Earth
Only Lumimechs show up in this story quest, you can get around 50 per run
-Episode 6 Chapter 3: The Guardians & the Maiden's Power
Lumimechs show up on this too, but theres also a mitra fight at the end, so you might want to abandon quest when it reaches this part
Defeat 200 Enemies (Lv 1+)
-Time Trial: Harukotan (Normal)
Mission only requires Level 1+ enemies, so just quickly run normal twice
Defeat 300 Enemies (Lv 80+)
-Advance Quest - Any (Super Hard, 50 Risk)
All these enemies are 80+ and are easy to defeat
-Divide Quest: Free for all Quick way for getting 100 kills with each step.
Defeat 100 Kuronites
-Divide Quest: Free for all - Harukotan
You can probably get around 50 Kuronites per each run, but might take even longer, since theres a chance for either getting natives or darkers
-Advance Quest - Shironia, Kuron (Super Hard, 50 Risk)
Easiest way to not only get 100 Kuronites, but might be expensive, if you dont have advance capsules, as just 50 of them can set you back around ~5 million meseta. Highly reccomend you at least run this with friends so they can also clear their missions too
Defeat 100 Oceanids
-Divide Quest: Free for all - Wopal
Around 50 oceanids from this, but can also take longer due to possibly not getting a FFA or getting darkers
-Advance Quest - Coast, Facility, Seabed (Super Hard, 50 Risk)
Easy way for killing Oceanids, just like kuronites though, you should run this with friends also needing these mission tasks
Defeat 100 Mechs
-Divide Quest: Free for all - Lillipa
Around 50 mechs, but can also take longer due to possibly not getting a FFA or getting darkers
-Advance Quest - Desert, Sub Tunnels, Quarry (Super Hard, 50 Risk)
Easy way for killing mechs, but run with friends
(Episode 3 Chapter 4: Why am I here does not count towards this goal, despite enemies being mechs and Level 80+, its possible they dont count due to being Abberations instead of regular mechs)
Defeat 100 Infected Enemies
-Advance Quest - Any (Super Hard, 50 Risk)
Plenty of infected enemies should show up for these AQs anyways, so if you are also running these in conjunction for other tasks, you shouldn't have to worry
Clear 30/50 Client Orders
-Daily Quests (Defeat Featured quest enemies), (Harvest/Fish item) (5 Client orders)
-Franka Quests (Accept orders, give orders to partner)
-Lottie/Lubert (Defeat Infected enemies, Defeat Enemies parts/weak spots)
-Casino Client Orders (Play casino games once)
-Hans Client Orders (Defeat enemy type/Miniboss/boss enemy)
-Revelle Client Orders (Defeat Darkers)
-Marlu Ohza and Lisa client order (Talk to them as their class)
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Non-Combat Sea and Underwater Encounters

Your party is sailing or traveling in a submersible (like the Apparatus of Kwalish) and interesting things besides combat happen!
  1. A storm blows in and something strange is washed aboard the ship. You decide! (1d4):
    1. Treasure.
    2. A mermaid.
    3. A strange, half drowned bird.
    4. A dead deep sea fish.
  2. Your submersible travels through a dense forest of Kelp and the propeller gets tangled and the party has to figure out how to dislodge without getting the bends/while under the immense atmospheric pressure under the sea.
  3. The sounds of unearthly singing reach your ears from across the water. You find the remains of ships and sirens (mermaid like tricksters), but the sirens appear to have left.
  4. A whirlpool full of teeth opens up just ahead of your ship and you have to sail to avoid it (think Scylla and Charybdis).
  5. The seagulls are joined by other types of birds in the sky - perhaps something has gone awry on the land (perhaps a major forest fire).
  6. Bio-luminescent jelly fish bloom at night, lighting up the water around you, creating a romantic and breathtaking atmosphere.
  7. You find a dingy afloat all alone on the sea with a child/NPC with a story hook aboard.
  8. The stowaway is revealed after someone finally took inventory of the stowed supplies below deck when the chocolate was disappearing in larger quantities than expected.
  9. Seasoned sailors get seasick as you realize maybe something is wrong with the food.
  10. You see a gargantuan entity on the horizon and the sailors start to tell tales. You decide! (1d4)
    1. Uk'otoa.
    2. Dragon Turtles.
    3. Giant Hermit Crabs.
    4. Sea Serpents.
  11. You hit the doldrums. There is no wind and no current. The ship you are on has to wait until the wind starts again. Escape?
    1. The wind only starts on a natural 20 roll on a d20.
    2. Every day that passes uses up rations and fresh water.
    3. Once the food runs out, and the PCs begin to starve (failed CON roll with increaseing daily DC starting at 10) they may well begin to go insane.
    4. Cannibalism will resolve any hunger issues.
  12. You find a message in a bottle floating near the ship. It's from a father to his children, writing to tell them how much he misses them while he's on the high seas. Optional bonus quest to find the children and deliver the letter.
  13. One of the crew members caught a magical talking fish. The fish claims that if you set him free, he'll grant you a wish.
  14. A dolphin has been following the ship for three days. A. If treated kindly, the dolphin shows the way to a hidden lagoon with treasure. B. Treated badly, the dolphin and its friends make a large hole in the bottom of the ship.
  15. Things are going missing from the deck of the ship. If investigated, it's a bird. The bird has built a nest and is clearly trying to impress a potential mate with its newfound collection.
  16. A strange formation of rocks appears a ways off the shoreline of an island. Closer inspection reveals that these are not rocks, but bones from an ancient dragon. Perhaps the hoard is somewhere nearby?
  17. A sea witch happens upon the ship. She gives the party the "gift of communication" and casts a friendly spell before going on her way. The enchantment is aimed at the ship. For the next 14 days, the ship is sentient and can communicate with the crew. And boy oh boy, does this ship have some opinions!
  18. A wave washes a large shell onto the deck of the ship. It's a instrument, and the first person to pick it up gains proficiency in playing the shell. The shell can lull any baby in a 10 foot radius into a peaceful slumber.
  19. Fair wind: you arrive sooner
  20. Shitty wind: you are forced to sail around your destination to gain favorable wind. Arrive later. Tacking negates this somewhat
  21. A storm rolls in, but is just rain
  22. A storm rolls in and creates fog, travel is slowed, but less than bad winds. A measure of a few hours, not days.
  23. Two ships are fighting
  24. A ship is fighting a kraken
  25. A storm rolls in. Its a maelstrom
  26. A traveling sea merchant rolls by.
  27. Come across ship wreckage
  28. Come across a patch of darker water that slows the ship
  29. Ghost ship arises on the new moon is empty
  30. Ghost ship arises on the full moon and is crewed by skeletons
  31. Smaller ship tries to square up
  32. Bigger ship bullies you until you pay a toll or tax, fights if you refuse
  33. An island is sighted, but is not there when you arrive
  34. An island appears on the horizon where you JUST checked (its an island turtle)
  35. A rock appears where you swear there was nothing beforw (its a Gargantuan hermit crab)
  36. You see an undersea fight that causes the sea to roll and boil, sometimes popping up above water
  37. Coral reef! On a failed perception roll, boat takes damage and must be repaired. On a 1 it must be repaired 2x, once to stop it from sinking, and then again at port. A giant serpent surfaces and eyes the boat, eventually moving on
  38. An empty ship rolls by, slowly. (Mimic ship with oozes below)
  39. The sounds of unearthly singing reach your ears from across the water. You consider going after them, but decide not to (wis save)
  40. Your rowboat ropes start to snap! Make a dex save, mending check, strength saving throw to save it.
  41. A comet streaks across the sky
  42. Aurora Borealis
  43. You hear rumbling off in the distance. A volcanic island is erupting!
  44. Seals follow the boat for a while.
  45. A giant koi fish (river) or whale shark (sea) lazily circles the boat, then flips down to the depths
    1. Takes a chunk of the boat
    2. Bumps the boat off course
    3. leaps over the boat and hits the mast on its way
    4. smacks the boat with its tail doing damage
  47. The waves grow choppy and the wind picks up. Unless intentionally slowing the boat, you get to your destination faster, but your boat might take damage
  48. The bard begins to play a sea shanty. You all join in and have a great time
  49. A massive, huge, giant, monsterous shark fin is seen. It then disappears without a trace
  50. A Blue Whale (100+ feet long) breaks the water and bumps the boat
  51. A Megalodon bites the stern of the boat, requiring repairs 2x. Trip is delayed by a few hours.
  52. The sea grows calm. No magic works. Then, just as suddenly, the wind picks up, magic starts up, everything is normal
  53. You see something sparkling on the beach of a small uncharted island.
  54. You see something sparkling on an uncharted island. Its a message in a bottle
  55. You pass by an uncharted island and see a fire. Its a marooned pirate, someone lost, nothing.
  56. An albatross takes a rest on your boat for a while, then flies off
  57. You see circling seagulls off in the distance. When you arrive there, there are some floating barrels with a dead body lashed to it, rum inside, food inside, repair supplies inside, cannonballs inside, treasure inside, an animal inside, barely clinging to life, a castaway bobbing in a barrel. You see a crate in the water. It has cannons, wood, food, ale, plants, silks, spices, sugar, a note atop showing a delivery island that is where you came from, the island you're going to, an island near it, an island you've never heard of, an island that Nobody has ever heard of.
  58. A giant squid comes near the surface near the boat to warm up in the sun. Curious about your presence, it follows your ship for several hours before disappearing back into the depths.
  59. A dragon swoops by, catching a ton of fish in its mouth, then flying away
  60. A dragon attacks the ship, but is shown to be an illusion. You dont know from where it came.
  61. Baba yaga, but it's an outpost on a rock
  62. Giant hippocampus swims next to the boat and tries to get the party to throw it treats.
  63. You fall off the ship! Before you can cry out the ship is already sailing on its way and you are lost overboard. Just as you begin to despair, a friendly merfolk swims up and asks if you need help. If you explain what happened, they kindly offer to return you to the ship.
  64. As you keep watch, you look over the side. Roll a percentage dice. (1-10, 90-100 its real) you see a small creature tearing out boards to the side of the ship! Then as you look they vanish, and you hear a commotion from the other side of the boat.
  65. A group of sea elves herding whales ask for help locating a missing calf
  66. While sailing at night, the ship passes through a patch of bioluminescent algae
  67. The ship gets lost in a magnetic field anomaly which causes their compass to spin wildly. A DC 17 survival check will get them out but off course. A 20 or higher will get them out while maintaining the proper course
  68. A merchant vessel: a vessel that is a small market place, stocking rope, lantern oil, medical supplies, preserved foods, and other ship-borne essentials, maybe weapon maintenance, potions of healing and water breathing, that kind of thing. put some guards on it: a blackguard, a champion, and a warlord.
  69. You encounter a Kelp Forest, a portion of the sea where the Kelp stalks stretch high above the waves, at least 40 to 50 feet. Who knows what kind of beasts might linger in the fog, nesting amongst the broad leaves and seed pods.
  70. A pod of whales swims along side the submersible, a sudden wave lunges the sub to one side as a Roc dives into the water and grabs a whale. The roc's flapping and thw whales panic make for extremly difficult seas and the crew of the sub will needs to sucseed in a skill challenge to prevent catostophic failure of the machine.
  71. An Iceberg that has been carved to be an Ice lich fortress on its underside sawrms with undead such as Merpires and Great Wight Sharks. The Party will have to find ways to make their vessal steathy or face a dire situation. (If in warmer climes, the Iceberg can be replaced with a floating coral fortress and the Ice Lich with a Merpire (Merfolk Vampire) Lord.)
  72. The Party see a lake of dark liquid on the bottom of th sea bed. The substance is "Brine" super salty water that is low in oxygen, only the most hard bacteria can survive in it. it is used by many subnautical peoples as a holy sight to entomb their dead. . . Often with gold and pearls. When the Party are down in the lake, somethng knocks on the hatch.
  73. The party comes across an abandoned ship, it’s in perfect condition and the party can’t tell why it’s been abandoned
  74. You come across a huge abyssal plane of downed airships on the ocean floor after a dogfight. The ghosts all come to you to help them get home.
    1. home (denial)
    2. travel
    3. ascend
    4. seize (haunt/poltergeist)
  75. A methane vent on the ocean floor causes anything in the area to sink at 10’ per round.
  76. The lookout can see multiple sources of light below the water. If the party investigates they find a small village of sea people living in bubbles 100 meters below the surface. The bubbles contain oxygen and are possible to move through but also stand on.
  77. You meet another ship, a merchant ship. However, you are informed that this particular ship used to be quite known for his crew and their deals … Until they sank 2 years ago
  78. The ship is run aground on a sandbank (more plausible in archipelagos/shallow waters), so the players must find a way to dig the ship out or use enough force to push off from the bank (but not too much force to break the ship!)
  79. You pass ovearound an island recently submerged underwater by rising sea levels (natural or otherwise). The tops of trees and buildings peak over the lapping waves, and if you glance down and squint you can make out the signs of a civilisation eradicated; fish swimming about abandoned hovels, overturned carts floating by, and even the occasional ghost wandering down dead roads.
  80. Far in the distance, you can make out a naval battle raging. The distant thunder of cannons and a faint smell of brimstone linger in the air. Eventually one ship keels over, sinking beneath the waves.
  81. A half-sunken ship containing a hag. She'll promise them anything they want in exchange for safe passage back. Obviously a monkeys paw scenario, helps a lot with the overtly good paladins etc
  82. Found a floating city made from various buoyant materials.
  83. Found a Djinn in a bottle.
  84. Meet a trading Merfolk, selling anything they found on the seabed.
  85. A dormant ship floating on the sea during the day. When checked, all the ship's crew are vampires, sleeping.
  86. Your ship sails into a big area of thick, sticky gloop, stopping the ship's motion, trapping any oars submerged into the gloppy mass, and clogging up any rudders. How are you going to get out of this one? gargantuan sea-gelatinous cube!?
  87. A Triton appears before your submersible anf flashes a big message, word by word, using Minor Illusion: "STOP!" "MIGRATING" "KRAKEN!" "TURN" "BACK" "NOW!"
  88. A long riverboat is seen at the mouth of a river pouring into the sea. A closer investigation reveals it is a casino boat!
  89. A ship rolls up on you, but it's someone going where you are and they challenge you to a race to get there. No magic can be used, some magic, all bets are off. They wager gold, a piece of information, a magic item. They are true to their word, they sail away, they attempt to destroy the ship, they vanish as you approach the island (they're ghosts) and you find the reward in the captains quarters.
  90. You come across a large bed of giant clams/shellfish. They make for good eating and have several big pearls in them.
  91. One foggy night you hear ghostly pirate shanties being sung over the waves. In the fog you can barely make out the black shape of a ghost ship before it disappears.
  92. You spot a large kraken corpse with massive bite marks on it. Who could possibly do this damage?
  93. While traveling through a kelp forest you see a raft of giant sea otters. Killing them for their fur will net you a ton of money at a market but is it worth earning the ire of a local sea goddess for doing it?
  94. In the distance you sea a newly form volcano spewing out fire elementals to battle water elementals rising from the sea to snuff out the volcano.
  95. A giant Octopus is tending their coral garden. They offer gold in exchange for seaweeds from far off places to put in their garden.
  96. Has anyone featured an encounter with black smokers yet? Vents from the planets mantel spewing out pressurized boiling gas, causing pillars of what looks like black smoke underwater and a huge diversity of life that is strange and alien. You could combine that with a giant Bobbit worm made of smoke poking out of a portal to the elemental plane of fire. this is a vague idea.
  97. Maybe come across some merfolk torturing a sapient giant electric eel, they are doing so to capture electricity that powers a magic artifact that keeps a merfolk child alive. free the eel and the child dies. leave it and a living thinking creature is tortured slowly to death.
  98. While you observe the sea you notice a big shadow appear under the boat. A BIG shadow. A massive sea creature appears.
  99. While sailing, suddenly it gets more and more foggy till you can barely see anything anymore. Suddenly you see a hazy ship coming out of the water and getting closer to you. The crew doesn't look normal (Black Pearl inspired)
  100. You travel a long time on a boat with only a few passenger, you eat regularly together in the small tavern style restaurant on the boat and basically know all passengers by face. One day one of them disappears. Next day another one, and another one. The rest passengers get suspicious. The persons are nowhere to be found. The PCs try to investigate. In the end turns out a vampire is on the boat coming out when its cloudy or raining. (Dracula Series on Netflix, Second Episode)
Bonus: Combat Encounters 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
Edit 1: General comment about struggling with sub-lists. This got deleted in the great silliness of 11:30p on 7/11/2020 (see edit 2).
Edit 2: Well. Dang. That will teach me to edit and post only on a web form without a back up copy I had 78 things with complex lists for some of them and accidentally saved over them and lost all of that data. I'll have to redo it. Please don't down vote me in the meantime. I spent like 5 hours on it this afternoon and I'm devastated that I lost it all...
Edit 3: I've made a simple redo of the 5 hours of work and saved it elsewhere. It does not reflect the synthesizing of comments and repeats, the separating of combat from non-combat in people's suggestions, the removing of cuss words, the grammatical edits, or the embellishing that I did. I plan to do that in the next couple of days, but here is something in case you were counting on this list like tomorrow or something. Please note that the numbers may change on entries and if you comment on a specific entry, you may want to quote some of the content too. There are 20 of these that were originally combined, moved into combat, or otherwise not included in version 1.
Edit 4: the list says 100 but there are combat encounters in there. I still want to re-synthesize the list when I have a couple hours. I want to break out combat separate from non-combat, and possibly separate on the ocean vs. underwater.
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[S] Capy's Survivor: Pompeii- Saints vs Sinners (S23)

Hello! Welcome or welcome back to Capy's Survivor! This season we are headed to Pompeii! We are once again playing the game of outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting your fellow castaways, whether that be by flirtatious behavior, backstabbing your opponents, or making plenty of allies. This is Capy's Survivor: Saints vs Sinners! I will not be doing write-ups with the posts because I don't have time. I will instead work on them while I can, and post a post with some of them once I'm done.
Meet the castaways:
Sanctus Tribe:
Pecalum Tribe:
Season: https://brantsteele.net/survivocaramoan/r.php?c=58TIKzh1

20th: Tracy was just too far on the outside for this vote. With both alliances in the tribe gunning for her, there was no way she could escape this 7-3 vote. Eliminated: Tracy
19th: I think this vote was purely the wrong place at the wrong time. There are two main alliances in the Pecalum tribe, King, Jury, and Vito; and Adrian, Bart, and Randall. I believe the flips wanted to side more with the alliance voting out the other alliance rather than a fellow flip vote. Eliminated: Bart
18th: I think Vito was scared that Karen, Kenzie, and Sass (a.k.a the flip votes) were going to flip back to Randall and Adrain's side and vote out Juri, as her name was thrown around. But alas, that did not happen, and their intended target of Randall went out after only Kenzie voted with Randall and Adrian, Sass throwing her vote to Karen, and Karen siding with Juri, Vito, and now-flip vote King. Eliminated: Randall
17th: The Sanctus tribe, much like their rival tribe, was divided by 2 alliances of 3. Carson-Randster-Flora and Blair-Dolly-Percy. But being the heroes that they are at heart, that didn't matter much, as Eva's fight with George from Episode 2 caught up with her and made her the boot 9-1. Eliminated: Eva
16th: Sanctus loses their second immunity in a row. I think the alliances are trying to rid of the flip votes early, as they could be dangerous come to the merge. Carson-Flora-Randster manages to pull in Ray for their Douglas vote, but that is solely because Blair-Dolly-Percy managed to get all the other flip votes to vote Ray, booting her 5-4. Eliminated: Ray
15th: After a huge fight at camp, and them both being in the middle, George and Douglas have made themselves the main targets of this week. Carson-Flora-Randster decides to stick to their target of Douglas, while Blair-Dolly-Percy decides to tie hoping for someone to flip, so they vote George. Instead of this, Blair ultimately decides to flip on her alliance, voting Douglas out 4-4; 4-2. Eliminated: Douglas
14th: A swap occurs at the Final 14, sending Sass, Dolly, Flora, King, Karen, Kenzie, and Percy to Sanctus. And sending Adrian, Blair, Carson, George, Juri, Randster, and Vito to Pecalum. All old alliances stand strong, while new alliances of former tribemates form. Sanctus loses the immunity challenge. The Sinners decide that Flora is their main target. But, Dolly and Percy approach Sass and offer her to flip, because of Dolly's reasons that her fellow Sinners are untrustworthy. Sass says in her confessional that she is the most untrustworthy of the bunch. In a stupid move, Dolly decides not to play her idol. Flora knows her fate, and decides to vote Sass as a last "F**k you". Eliminated: Flora
13th: Pecalum are the ones heading to Tribal Council tonight. Randster and Carson end up fighting after Flora goes home, as they know they are probably doomed. Randster recognizes that Carson is a huge threat to the game, and he decides he doesn't need him sticking around, the Sinners also take advantage of this crack in the Saints, as they are down in numbers, and need to form some trust. Carson goes in a 6-1. Eliminated: Carson
12th: The merge occurs, with everyone shocked that it's so early, with 12 people still remaining. Because of Carson's elimination, the original Saints are down in number 7-5. Karen manages to win immunity. Being the villains they are, the Sinners immediately turn on each other, and the biggest targets at the end of it all are King and Sass, who are mistakenly thought of as running the game, even though Juri and Vito know their alliance has most of the votes, they don't speak up. Sass manages to gain Blair and George's trust enough to get them on her side and attempt to convince the other former Saints. But King-Vito-Juri gets every other vote off of King, as he is an ally. Eliminated: Sass
11th: The Randster wins immunity. The Sinners continue to turn on each other, with King once again being a target along with Kenzie for constantly flipping back and forth between votes. The Randster, knowing he is safe, decides to vote with Blair and George (and Kenzie) to vote out King, as he sees King is a threat. They attempt to convince Dolly-Percy, but when Blair was flipped on the other tribe, they grew close. They decide to stay on the Sinner's good side and vote for Kenzie. Kenzie goes home on a 7-4. Eliminated: Kenzie.
10th: Vito wins immunity. Even in their last ditch efforts to flip Dolly-Percy to their side, Blair-George-Randster could not get people to flip and vote out King, even though he was one of the people obviously running the vote, and they are beginning to get picked off. George leaves in a 7-3 vote. Eliminated: George.
9th: Adrian win immunity. Blair and Randster still attempt to flip Dolly-Percy, and even the last Volcaneous flip left, Adrian. They try to reason that they are not top priority to get to Final Tribal Council, and they need to hurt the alliance of Juri-Vito-King, but Dolly-Percy and Adrian want to stick on their good side, even if it means they only last one more vote. They decide Blair is easily a bigger threat than Randster, and send her packing on a 7-2. Eliminated: Blair.
8th: Vito wins another immunity, and Randster is crushed as he was also close to winning. Randster is shocked when Dolly-Percy, Adrian, and Karen approach him and say that they are giving King the boot. Randster asks why they didn't do it earlier, and they confess it's because they wanted to be on the top of one side, and with the other 3 person alliance they couldn't do that, and that they needed to gain trust with King-Juri-Vito. Juri knows about this vote, but she decides to save her idols for when SHE needs them. Eliminated: King
7th: Adrian wins immunity. They decide the vote is Vito, as they are more uncomfortable with him than Juri. But, Adrian decides that flipping back to the Juri-Vito side would be his best bet right now. He decides not to tell Karen, as his plan is to bring Randster and her to the end as goats and boot Juri and Vito at the Final 5. He knows that Randster is open to flipping though, so he baits him in, but is unsuccessful. Juri knows about these attempts, and she shows Randster one of her idols and says she will keep him safe because he can't keep himself safe in the middle. By a vote of 4-3 Percy goes home. Eliminated: Percy
6th: The Randster wins immunity. Adrian finally decides to tell Karen about the flipping. But then regrets it as soon as he realizes he might be the target, as Dolly might be a goat for them. Him and Randster flip back to Dolly's side, with Adrian trying to save his goats. But he was too messy, and couldn't get Karen to flip back. It's a 3-3 tie, with Juri-Vito-Karen voting Dolly, and Adrian-Randster-Dolly voting Karen, trying to cause a rock draw with Adrian, Juri, and Vito. But, knowing she doesn't want a rock draw, and that she could bring anyone with her and potentially win, Juri decides to shockingly flip to a Karen vote, sending her packing. Eliminated: Karen
5th: Juri wins the immunity challenge. She knows they are going to vote for Vito, but she also knows that they know there is nothing they can do because she has an idol. So they all decide to stick with Vito, as they think she might boot him for being a jury vote threat. Their prediction turns out to be right, but she still votes against them to try to attempt some Juri Management (sorry for the bad pun). Eliminated: Vito
4th: The Randster secures his stop in the Final 3, by winning immunity. Juri uses her talking skill in attempts to flip Adrian because she knows that she is doomed if she doesn't try, and she tells him he should be sitting next to a Sinner at FTC and that she might not even win the Fire-Making, he does the math and decides that a potentially bitter jury is better than sitting next to the social player, Dolly, at FTC. Dolly and Juri are sent to a Fire-Making Challenge, where Juri wins. Eliminated: Dolly
Final Tribal Council:>! By a jury vote of 4-3-1.... congratulations Kim Juri! You are the winner of Capy's Survivor: Saint vs Sinners!!<
Tell me what you guys think. Also tell me who you would like to see the return of for future seasons, and who you liked the most!
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He Zong Lian Heng Chinese Wild Meta Report #9 - translated

This is a translation of the latest Chinese Wild meta report from He Zong Lian Heng of NGA.CN, first published 5 June 2020.
Gallery of decklist images, credit to glormagic.
Tier Score Deck 1 Deck 2 Deck 3
1 100 Pirate Warrior
98 Even Shaman
96 Odd Demon Hunter
93 Reno Quest Mage
92 Discard Warlock
90 Reno Secret Mage
2 (high) 89 Secret Mage
88 Galakrond Warrior Murloc Paladin
87 Malygos Druid
86 Quest Mage Cube Warlock Big Priest
85 Spell Token Druid
83 Odd Warrior
82 Odd Paladin
81 Even Warlock Jade Druid Reno Warlock
80 Odd Rogue Reno Hunter Kingsbane Rogue
2 (low ) 79 Mech Paladin
77 Reno Mage
75 Big Shaman
73 Reno Priest
70 Albatross Priest (estimate)
3 60 Treachery Warlock (estimate)
To attack backwards while riding a horse, to advance while feigning retreat, this period has seen fierce meta change; compared to the past, there is definite structural change.

Meta overview:

The third patch for Ashes of Outland dropped suddenly, including buffs as well as nerfs. Regarding Wild format, Odd Demon Hunter welcomed its third blow, and last expansion's strongest deck, Even Shaman, was buffed. Seemingly, the meta would develop towards Even Shaman, but this did not come to pass. Odd Demon Hunter, after briefly showing weakness, struck back. Even Shaman has unfinished business; its revival was ended even before it began...
From the perspective of the changed cards, Even Shaman, Reno Hunter, and Odd Demon Hunter are the only Wild meta decks to be affected. (Buffs to Wild Paladin and other decks did not make waves). Declines in Odd Demon Hunter's popularity or power level are bound to move the meta; as Cube Warlock and Even Shaman are both suppressed by that deck, after the patch, they both gained a degree of freedom, but a rebound in Odd Demon Hunter's popularity will reverse that change. However, the changes to the meta are not limited to the patch, as shown by three decks without changed cards. Since the last meta report, many decks have risen and fallen; among them, Pirate Warrior and Malygos Druid are especially attractive.
Long before the patch, Pirate Warrior had already begun to solidify its position, its popularity rising day by day. Before the patch, the deck's popularity reached new heights as the meta was unable to react quickly enough to its rise. Golakka Crawler did not make much of an appearance as tech cards against Pirate Warrior were limited to Glacial Shard and Frozen Shadoweaver, the two more targeting Odd Demon Hunter. As for countering Pirate Warrior, Even Shaman was a quicker reaction than Golakka Crawler. In the short post-patch period when Odd Demon Hunter was in hibernation, Pirate Warrior was still very popular. Even Shaman quickly became the weapon of choice to counter Pirate Warrior, and, lacking counters, became the undisputed top deck. Though Even Shaman's reign was subsequently cut short by Odd Demon Hunter, the deck is still inherently strong, and remains one of the strongest meta decks. Pirate Warrior's aggression is fast; a bomb variant runs Wrenchcalibur, with the new card Corsair Cache substantially increasing the chance of drawing it. Thus, highlander decks cannot stand against Pirate Warrior; even if they run multiple Oozes, the Oozes must be drawn on time. Some decks that have passive early turns, such as Quest Mage, Malygos Druid with a bad draw, and Cube Warlock that does not draw Defile, also struggle against Pirate Warrior. Pirate Warrior not only excels against highlander and slow decks, it also dominates other aggro. The successfully returning to popularity Pirate Warrior also adds another coffin cover to many aggro decks, such as Kingsbane Rogue, Odd Paladin, and Galakrond Warrior. For a long time, Kingsbane Rogue has lost to Pirate Warrior. Though the two decks are similar, the main difference is in the effectiveness of the early game Pirates. N'Zoth's First Mate and Sky Raider are notably better than Kingsbane Rogue's Buccaneer and Bloodsail Flybooter. After the nerf to Ancharrr in Descent of Dragons, Kingsbane Rogue saw a slow rise, then a fall, but the deck still has some power. Now, the rise of Pirate Warrior is bound to end Kingsbane Rogue's existence, and it can be said that the coffin has closed on the latter deck for the last time. Odd Paladin was once like a fish in water, doing well against Odd Demon Hunter, with unfavored matchups rare and favored matchups everywhere. However, Odd Paladin is heavily unfavored against Pirate Warrior. Last time, we mentioned that if Pirate Warrior trends, it is a danger sign for Odd Paladin. Now, this hidden danger has come to pass. Odd Paladin has fallen from the altar and its meta suitability has dropped precipitously. Even Even Shaman has gained a new tool to take on Odd Paladin. Galakrond Warrior runs a Pirate package, so it has some similarities to Pirate Warrior, with the differences being midgame value versus early game tempo. Galakrond Warrior's greatest advantage over Pirate Warrior is its more favorable matchup against Even Shaman. If Even Shaman could have taken over the meta post-patch, then Galakrond Warrior would have also had a chance to rise. However, in the end, Even Shaman did not succeed in taking over. But, Galakrond Warrior's inherent flaws are glaring: its curve is insufficiently low and it often has passive early turns, making it lose to other aggro. Whether it is Odd Paladin, Pirate Warrior, Odd Demon Hunter, Secret Mage, or Mech Paladin, Galakrond Warrior is always slightly downwind. (It is not heavily unfavored owing to the early game strength of the Pirate package). As it is not fast enough, Galakrond Warrior also may lose to combo decks. Relatively speaking, Pirate Warrior, which fares better against both aggro and combo, is the better choice.
Speaking of combo decks, one cannot avoid discussing a newly popular combo deck: Malygos Druid. The nerf to Kael'thas Sunstrider was of course a huge blow to Druid, but on the positive side, the card can now be tutored with Juicy Psychmelon. As Malygos Druid necessarily runs many low-cost spells, the list with Kael'thas has been slowly optimized, and it gradually became popular just before the patch. To increase its speed, the deck has cut the Oaken Summons package to increase the effectiveness of Jepetto Joybuzz. Defensively, the deck can only rely on small removal, Spreading Plague, and armor. Thus, Malygos Druid is a very extreme deck, relying on the speed of its combo to win. It has similarities to a previously popular combo deck, Hemet Mech'athun Warlock. Both counter slow decks, both have little regard for their life total, and both fear Dirty Rat. The differences are that Malygos Druid can combo earlier and how they face aggression. Druid cards are better at maintaining a high health total, while Warlock cards lack healing but are better at clearing the board. Now, Mech'athun Warlock has fallen out of favor, but Malygos Druid continues to deeply influence the meta.
But, whether it is Reno OTK Priest, Mecha'thun Warlock, or Malygos Druid, none of them can compare to the previous Quest Mage. Whether it is facing aggro or Dirty Rat, or combo speed, Quest Mages best all the other combo decks. Though the quest progress was nerfed to be increased by two, after the third patch, as its counters have weakened, Quest Mages are beginning to reappear. Quest Mage is unstable, as it relies on drawing well to beat aggro, but its advantage is in its speed relative to other combo decks, being able to combo one or two turns earlier. It suppresses other combo and slow decks. Quest Mage's high ceiling will destine it to have players give it a go to try and create miracles. In fact, Quest Mage is often common among top 200 Legend (on the Chinese server). “All or nothing" describes Quest Mage's line of thinking. Relatively speaking, Reno Quest Mage is more stable, and its matchups are less polarized. After three patches of nerfs to aggro, the meta has become much more favorable for it and it is now a stable pick. It is now popular and can be found at all ranks.
Last report, the authors thought the restraining forces on the Wild meta were loosening. The abdication of Quest Mages significantly lowered the meta pressure. Now aggro is dominant, though not to the previous extent of combo, allowing for more deck variety. Now, relative to the past, deck variety is more diverse; multiple highlander decks, midrange decks, and aggro decks can be played. But as aggro decks are weaker, combo decks may rise again. Slow or midrange or highlander decks may fall victim to combo. From the perspective of winning, one must still consider the top meta decks.
No matter when, Wild has a special quality: the meta differs significantly among ranks. In the past, it was Mech Hunter, then Mech Paladin, and now Secret Mage and Mech Paladin. At low ranks, Mech Paladin and Secret Mage and perform very well, and are relatively popular. But as rank increases, their popular drops. Within top 1000 Legend, these two decks are virtually unseen. When they do appear, they are often easily defeated. The main elements behind this phenomena are the differing attitudes and skill levels of players at different ranks. Simultaneously, streamers also profoundly influence the meta. Finally, it is not only that at higher ranks decks become more utilitarian. At low ranks, to perform well is to beat weak decks, thus Mech Paladin and Secret Mage can be the best choices. At high ranks, with multiple strong decks in contention, the meta will naturally be different.
Deck Popularity conditions Popularity grade
Pirate Warrior Indisputably the best, both strong and popular, popular at all ranks S
Even Shaman Though it was the victim of Odd Demon Hunter, it cannot be decisively defeated and is still popular S
Odd Demon Hunter After falling from popularity, it is once again popular S
Reno Quest Mage As its counters have weakened, it has gradually adapted to the meta and become popular S
Discard Warlock An aggro deck with a high element of luck, very popular all over ladder S
Reno Secret Mage Very unpopular, almost unseen E
Secret Mage Virtually absent at high Legend, but more popular at other ranks A
Galakrond Warrior A starving camel is larger, but not more lively, than a horse; currently the deck is unpopular C
Murloc Paladin A truly rare sight in the meta D
Malygos Druid Very popular, Druid's default deck S
Quest Mage More popular at high Legend, is a casino-style deck, unpopular at other ranks B
Cube Warlock Though the meta has not become more favorable, it is relatively popular at 10-star MMR S
Big Priest Has some level of popularity, with a wider range of application than Odd Warrior, but its performance is unsatisfactory, and its performance is similarly limited B
Spell Token Druid A newly developed deck, needs optimization C
Odd Warrior Relatively extreme, suitable in an aggro-heavy meta, but not very popular owing to its limitations B
Odd Paladin Unpopular due to meta changes C
Even Warlock Almost nonexistent; even if it exists, it is largely Reno Even Warlock played by fans of Shovel Mouth (streamer) E
Jade Druid Fallen out of favor relative to other Druid decks, but still played C
Reno Warlock Has definite popularity A
Odd Rogue Rogue's default deck, but unpopular B
Reno Hunter Fallen in popularity after meta changes, popularity is not ideal C
Kingsbane Rogue Not lifeless, popularity already decaying D
Mech Paladin God of low ranks, almost nonexistent at high ranks A
N'Zoth Reno Mage Though its power is limited, it is more fun and still has players C
Big Shaman Only suitable at certain ranks and certain metas, limited popularity B
Reno Priest Though its power is limited, and the meta is unsuitable, it is still popular S


Note: The decklists are for reference only; the writeups take precedence.

1, Pirate Warrior

From the second Outland patch onward, Pirate Warrior's popularity has gradually risen. Before the third patch, its popularity reached the peak. Pirate Warrior's aggression is fierce, with the early tempo of N'Zoth's First Mate, and Ship's Cannon and Skybarge creating an unshakable advantage. If the opponent cannot clear, Southsea Captain buffs the board to strike a lethal blow. Also, the deck can run Wrenchcalibur to counter Reno Jackson and deal heavy damage. Whether against aggro or slow decks, Pirate Warrior performs extremely well. As the meta evolves, no one runs Golakka Crawler, but rather Oozes have seen a slight increase, but even this cannot stop Pirate Warrior.
As for deck construction, recently, Pirate Warrior has seen two variants, mainly differing in weapon choices. One variant runs Livewire Lance; the other runs Wrenchcalibur. Wrenchcalibur is very favored against highlander decks. Livewire Lance is less favored against highlander, but as the weapon, and Ancharrr, both cost three mana, this avoids a passive turn after playing Corsair Cache, making the variant better against aggro. Of course, there is a variant popular on other servers that does not include weapons besides Ancharrr, but from many angles, the inclusion of Livewire Lance increases the deck's stability and power, so that variant has not been popular on the Chinese server.

Wrenchcalibur Pirate Warrior


Livewire Lance Pirate Warrior


2, Even Shaman

The king of the last expansion was fatally struck by Odd Demon Hunter. Initially, it could have gone a whole expansion without making a difference; however, in the third patch, Even Shaman was buffed, while its mortal enemy Odd Demon Hunter was nerfed, seemingly signaling that Even Shaman could have its way again. Pirate Warrior, still popular post-patch, also laid out the red carpet: to beat that deck, picking Even Shaman was imperative. Thus, Even Shaman temporarily became the best deck. However, the good times don't last forever. After a brief dormancy, Odd Demon Hunter revived. In spite of its nerfs, Odd Demon Hunter was still favored against Even Shaman. But, Even Shaman found ways to fight back, preventing the opponent's Hench-Clan Thug from snowballing, and using The Lurker Below, Murkspark Eel, and Sea Giant to flip the board. As long as life total is healthy, there is chance to win, but the matchup is still heavily unfavored.
It must be noted, Even Shaman is very draw-dependent. There is a great disparity if the opening hand lacks Totemic Surge and Totemic Might. Drawing Totemic Surge when aggression is needed, and Totemic Might to hold the board, can make the deck unstoppable. In the mulligan, it is crucial to toss everything to find those two zero-cost cards.
As for deckbuilding, the basic skeleton of the deck can be said to be fixed. By the pre-expansion rank one Legend list by 小太阳, Cryostasis has completely supplanted Earthen Might.

Totem Even Shaman


3, Odd Demon Hunter

Though Odd Demon Hunter has been nerfed three times in succession, it still has strong individual cards. Though the deck vanished right after the patch, it came roaring back. The Crimson Sigil Runner nerf decreasing its attack by one, like that of Sludge Slurper, was seemingly insignificant but greatly weakened the card, and now it has been cut. Priestess of Fury being nerfed to 6/5 did not kill the card, but now it is rarely played, perhaps because it has been disenchanted for dust.
On the whole, after the third patch, Odd Demon Hunter is now lower in value and it runs out of cards more quickly. Cutting Crimson Sigil Runner decreases its card draw, and there is no high-cost mainstay to replace Priestess of Fury. This indicates Odd Demon Hunter easily runs out of stamina. After gradual nerfs, though the deck is definitely strong, its current weakness of lacking endurance has been exposed. Once it is unable to occupy the early board, it cannot ever kill the opponent. Once it reaches turn 6, it completely loses initiative. In the current meta, Odd Demon Hunter is no longer the strongest deck, but it is definitely popular, and continues to deeply shape meta trends.
Regarding deck construction, there are many differences. At the 1 and 3 cost spots, there are many choices, including Glacial Shard, Frozen Shadoweaver and Vulpera Scoundrel, as well as Priestess of Fury.

Odd Demon Hunter


4, Reno Quest Mage

Reno Quest Mage's core issue is that is unable to simultaneously beat back aggro while completing the quest. But the problem did not need to be solved by Reno Quest Mage itself, as the nerf to Odd Demon Hunter significantly reduced the pressure from aggro. Reno Quest Mage is most afraid of decks that can win even after Reno is played; this includes past Odd Demon Hunter and Even Shaman with a good draw. But as Odd Demon Hunter has cut Priestess of Fury, Reno Quest Mage can clear the board, play Reno on time, and win, without worrying about being unable to remove Priestess. Against other aggro, Reno Quest Mage has the same line of thought, only Pirate Warrior is more troublesome. If Wrenchcalibur cannot be dealt with in a timely fashion, then Reno Quest Mage will be crushed; thus, nowadays, the deck is starting to run Gluttonous Ooze. Against slow and combo decks, Reno Quest Mage basically holds a definitely advantageous position. Relying only on Dirty Rat and armor is not enough to beat Reno Quest Mage. Only aggression can threaten the deck.
As for deck construction, owing to Odd Demon Hunter's popularity, Volcanic Potion has already become a popular inclusion. As board-flood aggro has declined, Frost Nova's effectiveness has also dropped, and it is now only played by a minority. Recently, the deck has seen two variants, one with Stargazer Luna and Mana Cyclone, the other with Brann Bronzebeard. I personally recommend Brann as it affords better tempo, which the deck needs in the current expansion. As for tech cards, the only recommendation is Gluttonous Ooze, which can work against many decks.

Dragon Reno Quest Mage


5, Discard Warlock

After a period of optimization and popularization, Darkglare Discard Warlock has become the most popular variant. Cataclysm is again becoming an option, but even with that card, from the perspective of deck speed, Flame Imp is still needed to strengthen early tempo. Darkglare Discard Warlock can more stably build large boards without relying on Silverware Golem. Against slow decks, Darkglare Discard Warlock's extreme development can prove decisive. But in Wild, even though the deck can play a 3/2 minion on turn 1, it suffers against other aggro. N'Zoth's First Mate and even and odd hero powers are stronger presences against aggro. In all, relying on a good draw to build a large board around turns 3-5 is the core idea behind Discard Warlock.

Darkglare Discard Warlock


6, Reno Secret Mage

For a long time, Reno Secret Mage was relatively unpopular, but now, it is still recommended. Though compared to Secret Mage, Reno Secret Mage is insufficiently aggressive, it has more resources, runs out of cards less easily, and has the means to flip the board with highlander cards. After the addition of Astromancer Solarian from Ashes of Outland, the deck's direct damage has increased.
Currently, highlander decks are seeing a revival. Secret Mage's aggression is obstructed everywhere; once the opponent plays Reno, Secret Mage most likely loses. But Reno Secret Mage has more value, with Brann, Kazakus, Zephrys the Great and Loatheb to achieve more stability; it has more explosive boards. In the current meta, Reno Secret Mage has more competitiveness than Secret Mage, or, in other words Secret Mage has lost some of its competitiveness. From a popularity perspective, it can be said that Reno Secret Mage has not entered the mainstream, but from a power perspective, the deck actually is already tier 1.
Regarding construction, this time Aluneth is recommended for an aggressive style.

Reno Secret Mage


7, Malygos Druid

Last version, Druid combo decks were in a lukewarm state, but with Kael'thas changed to 7 mana, all the combo decks now run Juicy Psychmelon, Kael'thas, cheap spells and Ultimate Infestation. Among them, Malygos Druid is naturally the most suitable form, as it must run Moonfire and Living Roots, and Ultimate Infestation can be used for damage. To increase combo speed, Malygos and other combo decks cut the Oaken Summons package to increase the effectiveness of Jepetto Joybuzz. But, this makes for passive early turns and worse matchups against aggro, as it can only rely on Spreading Plague.

Malygos Druid


8, Murloc Paladin

Murloc Paladin is also an unpopular but strong deck. The Prismatic Lens variant is unstable, but Murloc Paladin's snowball ability is enough to keep a foothold in Wild, and the Lens is just icing on the cake. The variant without Lens, running Hand of A'dal is another choice. In all, Murloc Paladin is not bad in the meta. Though it is unpopular, its presence cannot be completely ignored.

Prismatic Lens Murloc Paladin


9, Secret Mage

Though no matter on what server, Secret Mage has the highest winrate, it cannot be denied that at high Legend, its performance is not ideal. When the opponent can guess the secrets, Secret Mage's effectiveness takes a steep discount. And, Secret Mage's floor is relatively low. If only secrets are drawn, but no minions, the opponent can easily occupy the board and take initiative. In the end, losing with an empty hand is normal. But, Secret Mage is the best choice against the recently popular Malygos Druid, so it still has meta significance.

Secret Mage


10, Quest Mage

"Winning means partying with models, losing means going to sea to eke out a living" is even more so the current state of Quest Mage. Currently, the deck relies on Mana Cyclone and Evocation to complete the quest, both of which are inadequately stable, to say nothing of whether they can be drawn on time. Even if they are drawn on time, the generated spells pose great variance. To play the spells effectively, Sorcerer's Apprentice is key. In all, Quest Mage's strength is highly dependent on luck, but its high ceiling earns it players' favor.
On deckbuilding, the current Quest Mage usually runs at least one copy of Questing Explorer for early tempo, with some builds running two. The inclusion of Archmage Vargoth varies from person to person. Most builds run it, but many experts think it is unneeded. Chenvaala is another alternative.

Flamewaker Quest Mage


11, Spell Token Druid

Token Druid is a deck that has recently become popular, already making an impact at high ranks. Not every deck can play an AOE on time, allowing Spell Token Druid a foothold. Even if its board is cleared, the deck can redevelop with its other copies of Wispering Woods and Glowfly Swarm. To beat the deck, the opponent must clear the board while developing its own board. For example, Reno Priest, a deck with many clears, cannot easily gain board presence itself and must expend clears on even small Druid boards.
Regarding deckbuilding, one variant is pure token, and the other runs Jade Idol.

Jade Spell Token Druid


Spell Token Druid


12, Cube Warlock

Though Odd Demon Hunter was nerfed, it has not disappeared, and its key cards against Cube Warlock, namely Mana Burn and Consume Magic, still exist. Until now, Odd Demon Hunter still has a degree of popularity, limiting Cube Warlock's proliferation. Cube Warlock's era has not come, and the flourishing of combo decks like Malygos Druid also suppress Cube Warlock. Therefore, limited by Odd Demon Hunter, and an improving Even Shaman, Cube Warlock is not ideal, and has not returned to tier 1.
As for deckbuilding, to counter aggro, Dark Skies is very important, so two copies must be run. Demons can be run based on personal preference. Aside from conventional ideas, a list here runs Molten Giants for a more anti-aggro approach.

Egg Cube Warlock


Molten Giant Cube Warlock


13, Jade Druid

Due to the rise of Malygos and Spell Token Druid, Jade Druid's playrate has gradually fallen. Though the deck has a definite strength, it is worse in an era of the rise of combo Druid decks.

Jade Druid


14, Big Priest

Big Priest's meta position is similar to that of Odd Warrior, both eating aggro, only not as extreme. It has fewer unwinnable matchups than Odd Warrior. Also, Big Priest has proactive plays, so in actual games, it beats aggro, but it can win much faster than Odd Warrior. In the time it takes Odd Warrior to win one game, Big Priest may already have won two. If one does not trust their bladder but also wants to beat aggro, Big Priest is a good choice.

Big Priest


15, Reno Hunter

The nerf of Scavenger's Ingenuity was not a mortal blow to Reno Hunter. It can only be said that a non-key card was nerfed to a normal power level. Currently, Reno Hunter's specialty is its high number of Rush minions, indicating an advantage against small opposing boards. Against large boards, it can only rely on Zephrys. Reno Hunter's offensive depends on its draw. As a deck with a relatively high curve, it often has passive turns. Only by spending all its mana can it organize an offense. As it often cannot apply early pressure, and can only begin to apply pressure by turn 5, Reno Hunter is slightly unfavored against other slow decks.

Reno Hunter


16, Galakrond Warrior

Though Galakrond Warrior is not as good as Pirate Warrior in the current meta, it can be said to be a lower quality substitute. But being a substitute for the strongest deck is nothing to be ashamed of. As the saying goes, even a starving camel is larger than a horse. Though it is not as strong as Pirate Warrior, it is still a strong aggro deck. The tempo advantages of the Pirate package are clearly evident, allowing the deck not to be heavily unfavored against other aggro. And, the deck's value means that it is not powerless even if its early board is cleared. But, Galakrond Warrior's inherent flaws are clear. Owing to curve problems, it is relatively easy to have passive early turns. Wild does not accept aggro decks with passive early game, as that is halfway to surrender.

Galakrond Warrior


17, Reno Warlock

Reno Warlock's orthodox build is N'Zoth, but both Malygos and Leeroy variants have come to the cutting edge of the meta. N'Zoth Reno Warlock has relatively better defensive capability and value; against combo decks, it can rely on Dirty Rat and taunts to win. But Malygos and Leeroy Reno Warlock are more midrange, opportunistically pairing with burst damage to win, but also lacking value. In all, Reno Warlock has a foothold in the meta. Relatively speaking, it is a deck that can slowly creep up.

Malygos Reno Warlock


N'Zoth Reno Warlock


18, Mech Paladin

Mech Paladin, god of low ranks! This expansion's Mech Paladin has included a copy of Replicat-o-tron; once board initiative is gained, a greater threat is posed to the opponent, who cannot easily clear. But, Mech Paladin is historically unfavored against other aggro. In higher ranks, where aggro is rampant, it is definitely unfavored.

Mech Paladin


19, Odd Warrior

It can be said, Odd Warrior's polarization makes any scoring of the deck useless. Against aggro, Odd Warrior is a tier 0 deck. Against combo and slow decks, Odd Warrior's score is 0. Baku screams, and the opponent flees.
As for deckbuilding, Coldlight Oracle and Deathlord are two contested inclusions. Deathlord is better against aggro and Malygos Druid. To further counter Malygos Druid, Bulwark of Azzinoth is recommended.

Odd Warrior


Mech Odd Warrior


20, Odd Paladin

Pirate Warrior and Even Shaman are bad news for Odd Paladin. A meta filled with Pirate Warrior is torment for Odd Paladin. Though the deck's favored matchups are not few, those advantages are not enough to overcome the heavily unfavored matchups against Pirate Warrior and Even Shaman.

Pirate Odd Paladin


21, Odd Rogue

In the current meta, Odd Rogue is strong against all other aggro decks, with the exception of Pirate Warrior. But its weakness is its inability to defeat slow decks, whether it is Druid with Oaken Summons, Odd Warrior, highlander decks, or Cube Warlock. The main problem is that Odd Rogue is not aggressive enough, as it has a greater ability to clear the board. In addition, the dilution of the Lackey pool from EVIL Miscreant is a problem. There is now a lower chance to get tempo Lackeys, with Draconic Lackey being the lifelong enemy of the Lackey pool.

Odd Rogue


22, Even Warlock

Even Warlock can be said to have almost no popularity, but the deck is not weak. It is not strong enough to be popular. Regarding its level of fun, there is no streamer effect, but rather, Reno Even Warlock has been popularized by a streamer. But Reno Even Warlock is not as strong as Even Warlock and Semi-Reno Even Warlock.

Even Warlock


23, Reno Priest

After the rise of Pirate Warrior, the last Reno Priest also turned to Pirate Warrior (specifically referring to streamer 老中医). In fact, many meta changes are unfavorable to Reno Priest: Bomb Pirate Warrior, Reno Quest Mage's revival, and Malygos Druid's attractiveness. Every combo deck is favored against Reno Priest.

Reno Priest


24, N'Zoth Reno Mage

After the nerf to the unparalleled Quest Mage, highlander decks began to be able to gain a foothold in the meta. Though N'Zoth Reno Mage is not particularly strong, it is at least a tier 2 deck that can climb. It is also relatively fun, so its popularity is not unusual.

N'Zoth Reno Mage


25, Kingsbane Rogue

Though Kingsbane Rogue has almost no popularity, it is after all one of the two playable Rogue decks. As for deck quality, Kingsbane Rogue has essentially been completely replaced by Pirate Warrior. Compared to Kingsbane Rogue, Pirate Warrior has higher tempo, twice the number of Ship's Cannons (referring to Skybarge), roughly similar stamina, and it also beats Kingsbane Rogue. Kingsbane Rogue's low popularity is completely normal.

Fal'dorei Strider Kingsbane Rogue


26, Big Shaman

Big Shaman is a deck that arose and became popular after the patch. In truth, Big Shaman's strength has limits, and its offense is inconsistent. Ancestor's Call is relatively luck-dependent. In actuality, in terms of power and stability, Big Shaman is not as good as Big Priest. Any deck with large removal can completely beat Big Shaman. Though opinion in the fora extols Big Shaman, in reality the deck is overrated.

Big Shaman

submitted by EerieIratxoak to wildhearthstone [link] [comments]

Ultimate Skin Contest (+ theme list)

I'm a big fan of the Skin Contest mode but most of them are using quite boring theme's and feel just lame. Added a special theme list at the end, it has some weird one's but its better than 'RED' or 'MOIRA' everytime. This version is the most advanced because the judge has many different options. If you have a good judge it's really fun because you can have a whole contest where not only the skin matters. In my version voice line, spray and emotes also can help you win the game. Each round can give points.
  1. Skin: pick a skin that fits the theme
  2. Voice Line Contest: when it's your turn use one line that fits the theme
  3. Spray: pick one spray that fits the theme
  4. Emote: show off your emotes
  5. Conversation: last 2 players make a conversation by using voice lines to eachother
Every round you can score points (judge crouch near). I usually give 3 points for a perfect fit, 2 points for a good one and 1 point if it's okay. Judge can deceide. If you don't receive enough points you'll be dead. This points show up in the HUD but are kinda imaginary and just helpful for determing a winner, so you don't have to use it at all.
CONTROLS: Put the judge in SLOT 11
Amusement Park - Wizard - Factory/Industry - Village - Television Star - Time Traveler - Religious - Mountain people - Nuclear Energy - Colosseum - Garden - Fairy Tale - Sleepy - Traders - Illuminati - Afterlife - Traveler - Guillotine - Cursed - Secret Agent - Sacrifice - Prison - World War 2 - Helicopter - Necromancy - Bounty Hunter - Cult - Preacher - Haunted Building - Alchemist - Kobolds - Dungeon - Dinosaurs - Silence - Mushrooms - Celestial - Traps - Guard - Miner - Hallucination - Shooting Stars - Spiritual Temple - Stone Statue - Blood Sucker - Tomb of Death - Tavern - Doomsday - Dyed Hair - Abuse of Power - Stuck in Tower - Muscular - Confetti - Welcome Home - Picnic - Dream - Nightmare - Promised Land - Nostalgia - Treasure Chest - Invisible - Fresh - Vitamin - Wild West - Communism - Potions - Fortune Teller - 420 Chill - Bear - Drunk Robot - Easter - Druid - Election - Mutant - Sushi - Relaxing - Crossing a dangerous road - Gem Stones - Portal - Aliens - Shadows - Fabulous - Crystal - Magical - Insect - Zombie - Tiki - Mayan - Fancy - Mummy - Sand/Desert - Dragon - Extinct - Spider - Godslayer - Love - Ancient - Troll - Medieval - Cave - Jewel - Rebel - Shield - Amulet - Hacker - Spikes - Olympus - Spear - Leather - Claws - Slime/Slimy - Monster Hunt - Fruit - Teacher - Rainy Day - Music - Twitch Streamer - 10 IQ - Thief - Escaped from the Zoo - Garbage - Medieval - Isolated - Book writer - Harry Potter - Pokemon - Yugioh - Test Subject - Earth/Fire/WateAir - Avatar - Magical Boots - Maiden - Rotting Corpse - Clouds - Pirate Ship - Hunting - Baron - Parallel Universe - Wormhole - Radioactive - Crashed spaceship - Cloning - Agriculture - Pandemic - Birds - Howling - Mystery Machine - Story Teller - Meteorites - Dreamcatcher - Defiant - Shaman - Witchdoctor - Rituals - Galactic Invader - Infernal/Volcanic - Jungle King - Battle Bard - Toxic - Stalker - Peace Keeper - Blood moon - Death Machine - Chocolate - Spa - New World Order - Before the Fall - Myth - Identity Crisis - Art - From the Underground - Miracle - Market - Chaos - Confusing - Online - Saviour of the World - Umbrella - Kitchen - Quest - Rainbow - Puzzle - Prophet - Castle - Legend - Citizen - Elite - Pharaoh - Ancestor - Knight - Emperor - Spirit - Monarch - Survivor - Fist Fight - Secret - Werewolf - Shopping - Gambler - Creator - Leader - Solar - Disabled - Error - Your Mum - Old Fashion - Iron/Gold/SilveMetal/CoppeWood - Esports - Mechanic - Engineer - Classic - Anime - Ninja - Dangerous - Firework - Life Saver - Flower - Galaxy - Government - Camouflage - Protector - Immortal - Poop - Ugly/Fat/Sad - Money - Casino - Restaurant - Farm - Drug Addict - Wedding - Apocalypse - Angel/Demon - Hell/Heaven - Biggest Weapon - Strongest Fists - Longest Legs - Biggest Head - Smallest Hands - Biggest Belly - Most beautiful eyes - Strongest Armor - Serial Killer - Futuristic - Who is a millionaire - Who is Edible - Who stinks the most - Best Mate in Zombie outbreak - Who wins with Mario Kart - Who can't swim - Karen - Obama - Trump - Who would die first in a war - Most beautiful Dress/Pants/Hat - AntiVaccine - Glowing - Date with (hero) - Interview with (hero) - Graveyard - Your loud neighbour
TEAM THEMES (Spawn the Team rings and find a partner):
Man+Wife - Fitness Couple - Father+Son - Mother+Daughter - Animal+Owner - Death+Life - Poor+Rich - Light+Night - City+Jungle - Ugly+Beauty - Indoor+Outdoor - Western+Eastern - Clean+Dirty - Killer+Victim - Professor+Expirement - King+Queen - Worst Enemies - Colour+Colour - Identical Twins - Friendzone - Dream+Nightmare

I hope you will enjoy a upgraded and extensive skin competition mode!

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1 The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in New York, in the United States of America. The copper statue, a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States, to celebrate the friendship the two endured during the American Revolution. Over the years, the Statue of Liberty has symbolized the freedom and the democracy of the United States. It serves as a popular tourist attraction, where visitors can learn about the history of Liberty Island and explore museums and exhibits on site. The best times to visit are Autumn and winter, if you want to avoid longer lines and waiting times. Depart on the ferry before 2 pm. The Statue of Liberty would take around 2-3 hours. If you want to visit both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, allow 5-6 hours for your visit. @Travel All Around The World
2. The Grand Canyon National Park
The Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona, is home to much of the immense Grand Canyon, with its layered bands of red rock revealing millions of years of geological history. Viewpoints include Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station and architect Mary Colter’s Lookout Studio and her Desert View Watchtower. Lipan Point, with wide views of the canyon and Colorado River, is a popular, especially at sunrise and sunset. The best times to visit the Grand Canyon are March through May and September through November when daytime temperatures are cool. Five to seven hours according to park surveys, but if you really want to see the beauty of The Grand Canyon you should spend at least 2 day here. @Travel All Around The World
3. The Yellowstone National Park
The Yellowstone National Park is a nearly 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness recreation area atop a volcanic hot spot. Mostly in Wyoming, the park spreads into parts of Montana and Idaho too. Yellowstone features dramatic canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests and gushing geysers. Yellowstone is known for its red-tinged canyon walls and awe-inspiring natural wonders like Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs. It's also home to hundreds of animal species, including bears, wolves, bison, elk and antelope. The best times to visit Yellowstone National Park are from April to May and between September and October. It takes longer than two days to really experience the Yellowstone area. @Travel All Around The World
4. The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the one-mile-wide strait connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It was the longest suspension bridge in the world, with a total length of 2.7km. You can see the Pacific Ocean on one side and the San Francisco Bay on the other. More than 10 million people visit the Golden Gate Bridge each year. The best time to visit it is either September or October. This is the best time to explore this place as the fog dissipates and the temperature becomes warm and enjoyable. 45 minutes to an hour, is good time to explore, enjoy and take some photo for your profile. @Travel All Around The World
5. The Glacier National Park
The Glacier National Park is a 1,583-sq.-mi. wilderness area in Montana's Rocky Mountains, with glacier-carved peaks and valleys running to the Canadian border. It's crossed by the mountainous Going-to-the-Sun Road. Among more than 700 miles of hiking trails, it has a route to photogenic Hidden Lake. Other activities include backpacking, cycling and camping. Diverse wildlife ranges from mountain goats to grizzly bears. The best time to visit Glacier National Park is during the summer months of July, August, and September. June and October are also lovely times to go. To make a Glacier National Park trip worth it you need at least 3-5 days. @Travel All Around The World
6. The Niagara Falls
The Niagara Falls is a city on the Niagara River, in New York State. It’s known for the vast Niagara Falls, which straddle the Canadian border. In Niagara Falls State Park, the Observation Tower, at Prospect Point, juts out over Niagara Gorge for a view of all 3 waterfalls. Trails from the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center lead to other viewpoints. The Aquarium of Niagara is home to Humboldt penguins, seals and sea lions. The best time to visit Niagara Falls is June to August. While summer is consider as a peak season. Based on this plan of the day, you should be spending anywhere between 8 to 10 hours at Niagara Falls and surrounding area. there is plenty of thing near to Niagara Falls. @Travel All Around The World
7. The San Antonio River Walk
The San Antonio River Walk is a city park and network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath the streets of San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. Lined with bars, restaurants, biking trails, and museums, the Walk has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the state and is one of America's largest urban ecosystems. The San Antonio River Walk boat tour connects you to the city's culture, history, architecture, and timeless charm. The best time to visit San Antonio is from November to April, when the weather is comfortable and suitable to take a boat tour and Sightseeing. 2 days on the Riverwalk, ideally it will take 3-4 days. It is most beautiful decorated at time of Christmas, try to visit at that time too. @Travel All Around The World
8. The Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas Strip also known as Las Vegas Boulevard,is the most recognizable street in Las Vegas. Lined with upscale casino hotels, the neon-soaked Strip is quintessential Las Vegas. As well as gambling floors, the vast hotel complexes house a variety of shops, restaurants, and performance venues for music, comedy and circus-style acts. Attractions like the soaring, choreographed Fountains of Bellagio and the High Roller observation wheel draw crowds.
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I see a lot of LP collections posted here. Does anyone appreciate a well organized digital collection?

1965 Jokers Wild (Dave Gilmour)(320)
1966 Tonite Let's All Make Love in London
1967 Arnold Layne
1967 Relics
1971 Pink Floyd - Relics (Remaster AU 1987 CDAX 701290)
1967 Scream Thy Last Scream
1967 See Emily Play & Scarecrow EP (Remaster UK 2007 Bonus CDM 40th ADEd. 50999 5 03919 2 9)
1967 The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (UK Stereo First Pressing 24bit-96khz)
1968 A Saucerful of Secrets
1968 Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets (Remaster Japan 1988 CP32-5272)
1968 It Would Be So Nice
1968 Point Me at the Sky
1969 OST More (Remaster Japan 1987 CDP 7 46386 2)
1969 Soundtrack From The Film More
1969 Ummagumma
1969 Zabriskie Point e Ultimate Z. P
1969 Ultimate Zabriskie Point [FLAC]
1970 370 Roman Yards 1970 (The Lost Zabriskie Point Album) [MP3]
1970 Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (Remaster US 1994 UDCD 595)
1970 Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (UK LP EMI Harvest SHVL 781 24bit-96khz)
1970 Roger Waters - Music From The Body (Soundtrack)(320)
1970 Syd Barrett - Barrett
1970 Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs
1971 Pink Floyd - Meddle (Remaster Japan 1988 UDCD 518)
1971 Meddle - 24-96 Vinyl Rip (FLAC)
1971 One Of These Days Single Vinyl 7 (Italy 1971 EMR-20388)
1972 Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds (Remaster US 1987 CDP 7 46385 2)
1973 Money Vinyl 12 (Remaster Netherlands 1981 Vinyl 12 1A K052Z - 78068)
1973 The Dark Side of the Moon - (Vinyl LP 24-96 UK Remaster 30 Harvest SHVL 804 24Bit 96kHz) - 200g Vinyl Rip (FLAC) - Audiophile MFSL Pressing VINYL {FR1 Cartridge SYBORG} - Unreleased Tracks
1975 Wish You Were Here
1975 Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Remaster UK 1984 CDP 7 46035 2) & Unreleased Tracks
1977 Animals- (2016 Master) VINYL {FR1 Mk3 Cart} - (2016 Master) VINYL {Stanton 881 Cart} - (Remaster US 1985 CK 34474) - (Vinyl LP 24-96 US Columbia First Pressing JC 34474 24Bit 96kHz)
1978 David Gilmour - David Gilmour
1978 Rick Wright - Wet Dream
1979 The Wall - (Remaster Germany 2007 2xCD CDS 7 46036 8) - (Remaster US 1989 2xCD UDCD 2-537) - US UltraDisc 2CD- (UK Vinyl 2xLP 24-96 SHDW 411 24Bit 96kHz) - The Wall Work In Progress
1981 Nick Mason's - Fictitious Sports
1983 Not Now John Vinyl 7 (UK 1983 HAR 5224)
1983 The Final Cut (Remaster EU 2007 Oh By The Way Boxset CD14 50999 511267 2 8, 511 2672)
1983 The Final Cut (US 1983 QC 38243)
1984 David Gilmour - About Face
1984 Rick Wright - Zee Identity
1984 Roger Waters - The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking
1986 Roger Waters - When The Wind Blows
1987 A Momentary Lapse Of Reason - [1987] [FLAC] - [2019] Remix
1987 Roger Waters - Radio K.A.O.S. (320)
1992 Roger Waters - Amused To Death
1994 High Hopes & Keep Talking (France 1994 CDM 881 777 2)
1994 Take It Back (Netherlands 1994 CDM 7243 8 81278 2 0)
1994 The Division Bell - (2014) [HD Tracks] 24.96 - (Japan 1994 SRCS 7324) - [UK 1994 Vinyl 24-96 EMD 1055]
1996 Rick Wright - Broken China
2002 Roger Waters - Flickering Flame
2004 Roger Waters - To Kill The Child & Leaving Beirut (Single)(320)
2005 Roger Waters - Ca Ira
2006 David Gilmour - Arnold Layne EP
2006 David Gilmour - On An Island
2006 Smile (1-Track EU Promo CD Single)(320)
2006 Smile (2-Track EU CD Single)(320)
2007 Roger Waters - Hello (I Love You)(Single)(192-320)
2010 The Orb and David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres
2014 The Endless River
1967-03-18 My Uncle Is Sick Because The Highway Is Green
1967-09-13 Starclub, Copenhagen
1967-09-25 BBC Playhouse Theater, London (BBC Sessions)
1967-10-30 Games for May - England
1967-11-13 Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL
1968-02-24 Bouton Rouge
1968-05-06 First European International Pop Festival, Piper Club, Rome
1968-05-23 Paradiso, Amsterdam (Late Show)
1968-07-27 Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles
1968-12-28 Margriethal, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht
1968-12-28 Owed To Syd Barrett
1969-03-27 Saint James Hall, Chesterfield, England
1969-04-14 Royal Festival Hall, London
1969-04-27 Careful With These Tracks
1969-05-09 University Of Southampton, Hampshire, England
1969-06-22 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
1969-06-26 Royal Albert Hall, London
1969-08-08 The Journey Through the Past
1969-08-09 The Paradiso, Amsterdam - Celestial Instruments
1969-09-17 Amsterdam '69 (TSP-CD-052) 1990 [VBR]
1969-09-17 Complete Concertgebouw
1969-10-11 Song Days Festival, Essen
1969-10-19 Around the Mystic - London
1969-10-25 Interstellar Zappadrive - Mont de L'Enclus, Amougies, Belgium
1969-11-21 Montreux Switzerland
1969-12-06 Afan Lido Sports Center, Port Talbot, Wales
1969-71 Echoes Of Atom Heart Mother
1969-73 Rare & Live Tracks - 3cds
1970 - 1971 Eclipse (2001)
1970 Fat Old Gigs 4cd
1970 Pepperland In The West
1970-01-18 Fairfield Hall, Croydon, Surrey
1970-01-23 Hotel de Champs-Elysees a Paris, Paris
1970-02-11 Town Hall, Birmingham
1970-02-28 Refectory Hall, Leeds University, Leeds, Yorkshire
1970-03-12 A Trick of the Light
1970-03-13 The Injustice of a Kaleidoscope Sound
1970-03-14 Meistersinger Halle, Nuremberg
1970-03-15 Niedersachsenhalle, Hannover
1970-03-20 Akademiske Foreningens Store Sal, Lund, Sweden
1970-04-11 Gymnasium, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY
1970-04-22 Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
1970-04-29 [HRVCDR016] Interstellar Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
1970-04-30 [HRVCDR034] - KQED
1970-05-01 Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
1970-06-27 Bath Festival Of Blues And Progressive, Shepton Mallet, Bath
1970-06-28 Holland Pop Festival, Kralingen, Rotterdam (JFE remaster)
1970-07-12 Open Air Pop Festival Aachen, Aachen Soerser Stadium
1970-07-16 Focus - Paris Theater, Regent Street, London, England - BBC FM
1970-07-16 Libest Spacement Monitor (TSP-CD-027 1989)
1970-07-16 Mooed Music - BBC Session Live, Paris Cinema, London
1970-07-18 Hyde Park, London
1970-08-08 Les Nuits Musicales, Saint Tropez (Pop 2 TV Show)
1970-09 & 1971-03 - Eclipse - APE
1970-09-12 Parc De Vincennes, Paris
1970-09-16 Pink Is The Pig (Live In London)
1970-09-16 Pink Floyd - Focus 1971 [FM]
1970-09-16 Playhouse Theatre, London
1970-09-16 Rhapsody In Pink (Italy 1990 LLRCD 044)
1970-09-26 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
1970-09-27 Fillmore East, New York City, NY (Early Show)
1970-10-17 Pepperland Auditorium, San Rafael, CA
1970-10-23 Creatures Of The Deep Disc 1-3
1970-10-23 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
1970-11-06 Mind Your Throats
1970-11-07 Grote Zaal, De Doelen, Rotterdam
1970-11-11 Conserthuset, Gothenburg
1970-11-12 Falkoner Centret, Fredriksberg, Copenhagen
1970-11-13 Vejlby Risskovhallen, Aarhus
1970-11-14 Ernst-Merck-Halle, Hamburg
1970-11-21 Smokin' Blues (Montreux Casino, Montreux )
1970-11-22 Altes Casino, Montreux - Swiss Made
1970-11-25 Fridrich Ebert Halle, Ebertpark, Ludwigshafen
1970-11-26 Messehallen, Stuttgart
1970-11-29 Circus Krone, Munich
1970-12-22 City Hall, Sheffield
1971 Atom Heart Mother Goes On The Road
1971-02-12 Lecture Theatre, University Of Essex, Colchester
1971-02-13 Students Union Bar, Technical College, Farnborough
1971-02-25 Grosser Saal, Musikhalle, Hamburg
1971-02-26 Stadthalle, Offenbach
1971-04-03 Oude Ahoy, Rotterdam
1971-05-15 Crystal Palace Garden Party, London
1971-05-18 Pathfoot Building Refectory, Stirling University
1971-06-04 Philips Veranstal Tungshalle, Dusseldorf
1971-06-05 Echoes - The Return of the Son of Nothing (West Berlin)
1971-06-05 Sportspallast, Berlin - Mauerspechte
1971-06-05 Vierundzwanzig Teile von Nichts (HRV-CDR-029)
1971-06-12 Palais Des Sports, Lyon
1971-06-19 Palazzo Delle Manifestazioni Artistiche, Brescia
1971-06-20 Palaeur, Rome
1971-06-26 Amstel Free Concert, Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam
1971-07-01 Ossiach Festival Stitschoff, Ossiach
1971-08-06 Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan
1971-08-09 Festival Hall, Osaka
1971-08-13 Festival Hall, Melbourne
1971-09-18 Live in Montreux
1971-09-23 KB Hallen, Copenhagen
1971-09-30 Meddled
1971-09-30 Meddler
1971-09-30 One Of These Days (TSP-CD-034 1989)
1971-09-30 Paris Cinema, London
1971-10-04 HRVCDR010 - Pompeii Rev B
1971-10-04 Live at Pompeii - Remains
1971-10-04 Pompeii (Remaster Netherlands PFP-A0118)
1971-10-04 to 07 In The Shadow Vesuvius - Italia
1971-10-04 Volcanic Destruction
1971-10-07 Live At Pompeii
1971-10-10 Great Hall, Bradford University, Bradford, Yorkshire
1971-10-16 The Eye of Agamotto - Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica
1971-10-17 Convention Hall, Community Concourse, San Diego
1971-10-17 From Oblivion
1971-10-17 Wind And Seabirds - Convention Hall, San Diego
1971-10-27 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
1971-10-28 Hill Auditorium, Ann Harbor, MI
1971-10-31 Fieldhouse University Of Toledo
1971-11-05 Hunter College - New York City, NY
1971-11-06 Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
1971-11-10 Labyrinths - Pavillion De La Jeunesse, Quebec
1971-11-12 Irvine Auditorium, State University, Philadelphia, PA
1971-11-16 Something from Nothing
1971-11-16 The Return of the Sons of Nothing
1971-11-20 Embryonic Madness
1971-11-20 One Of Those Days
1971-11-20 Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, OH
1971-11-20 Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, OH (2-source blend)
1972-01-20 The Darkside Rehearsals - Brighton Dome, Brighton, England
1972-01-21 The Guildhall, Portsmouth
1972-01-22 Eclipse Of The Dark Side - Winter Gardens, Bournemouth (Recorder 2)
1972-01-22 The Dark Side Winter Gardens - Bournemouth (Recorder 1)
1972-01-23 Gathering On The Moon - The Guildhall, Southampton
1972-01-27 Waiting for The Moon - City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
1972-01-28 You Are Number Six - Refectory Hall, Leeds University, Leeds
1972-02-17 - Rainbow Tapes Day 1
1972-02-18 - Rainbow Tapes Day 2
1972-02-19 - Rainbow Tapes Day 3
1972-02-20 - Rainbow Tapes Day 4
1972-02-19 Finsbury Park - Disc 1
1972-02-20 Finsbury Park - Disc 1
1972-02-20 The Best Of Tour 72 (TSP-CD-049 1990) [VBR]
1972-03-06 Acid Moon - Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan
1972-03-08 Natural Dark In Osaka. Japan
1972-03-09 Echoes From Osaka
1972-03-13 The Dark Side Of The Ice - Saporro, Japan
1972-03-13 The Great Gig On The Moon
1972-04-28 Chicago
1972-05-21 2nd British Rock Meeting - Germersheim, Germany
1972-06-28 Eclipsed By The Dome - Brighton [MP3]
1972-09-22 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA
1972-09-22 Staying Home To Watch The Rain[VBR]
1972-10-21 The Oxfam Concert - London [MP3]
1972-11-15 Echoes Of The Past, Sporthalle Böblingen, Stuttgart, Germany
1972-11-15 The Great Gig In Böblingen
1972-12-01 Harsh Realities [Stereo Tweaked]
1972-12-09 - In a Neutral Land - Zurich - Suiça (FLAC)
1972-12-12 Across The Swiss Border
1972-73 Nebulosity
1972-73 The Great Gig In The Sky (UK Unofficial SSR 41925)
1973-03-06 The Valley Of The Kings
1973-03-11 Yeeshkul!
1973-03-14 Live Music Hall - Boston, MA
1973-03-15 Dark Soundboard of Philadelphia
1973-03-17 Dark Side of Radio City
1973-05-19 Supine in the Sunshine
1973-06-17 On Stage Saratoga NY
1973-06-20 Breaking Bottles In The Hall
1973-06-20 Merryweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD
1973-06-29 When You're In...Tampa
1973-10-13 Set The Controls... - Vienna [MP3]
1973-11-04 Obscured At The Rainbow [VBR]
1974-06-24 Shine On Paris
1974-11-15 Black Holes In The Sky
1974-11-15 Work in Progress
1974-11-16 BBC Archives (HRV CDR 033)
1974-11-16 No Room Upon The Hill
1974-11-16 Time In London
1974-11-16 Wembley MTX-V2
1974-11-16 Wembley Pre FM-Master
1974-11-16 Wembley Wizards
1974-11-17 Getting Better All The Time
1974-11-28 Empire Theatre
1974-12-09 Manchester Day '74
1974-12-14 Stairstep To Abandon - Bristol, England [Vinyl]
1975-04-08 Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 1
1975-04-13 Riding The Cow.Cow Palace,California,USA
1975-04-26 Cruel But Fair
1975-04-26 Dogs And Sheep
1975-04-27 Hogs in Smog
1975-04-27 Los Angeles, CA master
1975-06-15 Faster Jersey
1975-06-15 Jersey Not Mother
1975-06-16 Random Precision
1975-06-18 Boston Garden Matrix Version
1975-06-18 Boston Gardens
1975-06-18 Crazy Diamonds [VBR]
1975-06-18 Echoes In The Gardens
1975-06-22 Heavy Rain
1975-06-28 Master Reel - Ontario (RTR-DAT-Source 2) (flac)
1975-80 - Azimuth Coordinator 1975 a 1980 (6CD box 1998)
1977-01-05 Iron Pigs On Fire - Fort Worth, Texas
1977-01-23 - If Pigs Could Fly
1977-01-23 Bugger's Eyes
1977-01-29 Desk Pig In Berlin
1977-01-30 Absolut Floyd
1977-01-30 Hunting Animals - Berlin, Germany
1977-02-01 Test Flight - Vienna, Austria
1977-02-20 Animals In Belgium - Antwerpen [FLAC]
1977-02-20 Ducks On The Wall
1977-02-20 Thirteen
1977-02-22 Dragged Down By The Stone
1977-02-22 Pavillion de Pigs
1977-02-27 Animals On The Wing
1977-04-22 Hurricane Floyd Hits - Miami FL
1977-05-01 Iron Pigs On Fire
1977-05-09 Animal Instincts
1977-05-09 Mr Pig - Oakland [MP3]
1977-06-19 Chicago '77
1977-06-19 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL (1st gen Charly C.'s tape - source 1)
1977-06-27 Boredom and Pain (Boston Gardens)
1977-06-27 Boston Garden, Boston, MA - The Perfect Day (FLAC)
1977-06-27 Boston Garden, Boston, MA (Lampinski)
1977-06-27 Pink Floyd 1977-06-27
1977-07-01 Live at Madson Square Garden
1977-07-02 In the Grassland Away
1977-07-02 Live at Madson Square Garden
1977-07-02 Prog King - Madison Square Garden
1977-07-02 Welcome To The Machine
1977-07-03 Madson Square Garden - New York
1977-07-03 Pigs Might Fly
1977-07-04 Sheep Independence Day (FLAC)
1977-07-06 Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 2 - Last Animals
1977-07-06 Fire Works Show In The Canadian Walls
1977-07-06 Montreal
1977-07-06 Who Was Trained Not To Spit On The Fan
1980-01-01 The Wall Rehearsals 1980
1980-02-07 Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 3 - flac16
1980-02-08 Little Black Book With My Poems In
1980-02-27 The Wall Live In Nassau
1980-02-28 Nassau - Coliseum - NY
1980-08-09 Soundboard on the Wall - Earls Court, London, England
1980-1981 Is There Anybody Out There The Wall Live
1981-02-19 Tear Down The Wall
1981-02-20 The Sixth German Show-Westfalenhalle, Dortmund
1981-02-20 Westfallenhalle,Dortmund, Germany
1981-06-16 Earl's Court, London (Watching The World Upon The Wall)
1984-04-30 (Gilmour) Live At The Hammersmith Odeon (London )(320)
1984-05-22 (Gilmour) Beacon Theater - New York City-NY
1984-06-16&17 (Waters w. Clapton) Sidewinder (Stockholm)
1984-06-29 (Gilmour) New Game - Berkeley [FLAC]
1984-07-12 (Gilmour and Friends) In Floyd We Trust (320)
1984-07-12 (Gilmour) Westwood One Concert (48kHz)(320)
1984-07-18 (Waters) Eric the Player, Roger the Singer
1985-03-20 (Waters) Live Radio City Music Hall, NYC [FM]
1985-03-28 (Waters) Complete Hitch Hiking Perfomance
1987-09-16 Echoes By The Lake Disc 1-3
1987-09-19 Prism
1987-11-01 Live at the Orange Bowl, Miami
1987-11-07 (Waters) Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd (Remaster)
1987-11-30 MONEY GOES WEST - (The Sports Arena - Los Angeles, California)
1988 Delicate Sound Of Thunder (UK 7914802)
1988-02-19 Live in Melbourne (SOUNDBOARD)
1988-02-19 Melbourne - Soundboard Recording
1988-02-19 Tennis Center, Melbourne
1988-07-08 Nothing Is Changed (Modena, Italy) [VBR]
1989-06-12 Globe Arena, Stockholm
1989-06-13 Globe Arena, Stockholm
1989-06-14 Globe Arena, Stockholm
1989-07-01 Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, Paris, France
1989-07-15 Live In Venice 1989 {FLAC]
1989-07-15 Venice, Grand Canal
1990 (Waters) The Wall - Live In Berlin
1990-06-30 Of Promises Broken
1990-06-30 The Knebworth Tales
1994-03-30 Miami - The Live Bell
1994-04-16 Your Favorite Disease
1994-04-21 Pigs Over The San Francisco Bay
1994-04-21 They're Blowin Me Away - Oakland Master DAT
1994-05-31 3 Pigs At 3 Rivers
1994-06-11 The Bell Gets Louder
1994-07-18 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
1994-08-13 The Sound Surrounds
1994-09-04 Softly Spoken Magic Spells - Feyenoord [MP3]
1994-09-13 A Night In Italy
1994-09-13 A Passage Of Time
1994-09-15 Udine - Italy
1994-09-19 - The Nights Of Wonder
1995 Pulse
1995 Wish You Were Here Live (CDM 7243 8 82207 2 9)
2000 (Waters) In The Flesh (Live)
2001-06 2002-01 David Gilmour in Concert (320)
2002-03-05 (Waters) The Happiest Night of Our Lives - National Stadium, Santiago
2005-07-02 Live 8 Reunion
2006-03-07 (Gilmour) Mermaid Theatre - London
2006-03-19 (Gilmour) Regathering Our Senses - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam [FA025]
2006-05 (Gilmour) 2007 - Remember That Night
2006-07-29 Happy Birthday Dear Richard (Archive Konigsplatz Munich rec 4)
2006-08-26 (Gilmour) Live In Gdansk
2006-12-07 (Waters) Milan, Italy FM
2007 (Gilmour) 4 Tracks Live From Abbey Road (US Promo CD Single)(320)
2007-03-14 (Waters) 50000 Lunatics on The Grass Chile '07
2007-07-07 (Waters) Live Earth 2007
2008-06-15 (Gilmour) Ron's Psychedelic Supper Vol.2
2010-07-10 (Waters & Gilmour) The Hoping Foundation (320)
2010-09-15 (Waters) The Wall Live - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
2010-09-16 (Waters) The Wall Live - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
2010-09-18 (Waters) The Wall Live - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
2010-09-20 - Roger Waters - The Wall - Chicago [MP3]
2010-12-18 (Waters) Flickering Flames On The Wall - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico D.F
2010-12-19 (Waters) Flickering Flames On The Wall - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico D.F
2010-12-21 (Waters) Flickering Flames On The Wall - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico D.F
2011-03-25 (Waters) Madrid - Experimento
2011-05-15 (Waters) Live At O2 Arena, London, England
2017 Live at Pompeii [FLAC]
David_Gilmour - Live Tracks - MP3
1965 - Syd Barrett - Lucy Leave and Other Rarities [FLAC,Tracks]
1965-95 - Pinkie Milkie - Rarities Compilation
1966-67 London '66 - '67 (UK 1995 CDM SFMDP 3)
1966-67 Psychedelic Games for May
1966-71 Sophisticated Colours
1966-94 Early Flights Disc 1-10
1967 Reaction In G
1967-69 Music For Architectural Students
1967-71 Antiques- A Rare Collection of Oddities
1967-71 Antiques And Curios
1967-87 A CD Full Of Secrets
1968 Tonite Let's All Make Love in London OST
1968-69 The Embryo (TSP-CD-020 1989) [VBR]
1968-70 - Old Symphonies 1968-1970 - FM
1968-70 Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1-3
1968-71 Spiral
1968-74 From Underground To The Moon
1969 - High Time
1969 - The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions
1969-70 Omay Yad
1969-99 - Roger Waters - Rarities Vol 1-3
1970-71 - Syd Barrett - The Radio One Sessions
1971-72 Studio Outtakes & Demos
1972-06 From the Other Side (DSOTM Outtakes)
1975 - Tour Comic book
1975-76 Abbey Road to Britannia Row The Extraction Tapes (2014)
1978 The Wall- Under Construction
1978-79 Building The Wall
1979 Every Brick In The Wall (outtakes)
1980 - The Wall - Original Film Sessions 1980
1980 The Wall (Demos)
1982 The Final Cutting
1987 A Momentary Lapse of Reason Live Official Tour CD (Demonstration Not For Sale)
1987 One Slip CDM (UK 1987 CDEM 52)
1988 - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Official Tour CD)_flac
1990-05-02 - Roger Waters - The London Rehearsals 1990
1994 - Just Warmin Up - The Rehearsals in Tampa - 1994
Pink Floyd - Just Warming Up (Tampa 1994 )
1996 Pink Floyd & Friends - Interstellar Overdrive (Canada 1996 PS-NEMS 1001-2)
2001 Pink Underground
2005...A Desperate Attempt of Perfection
2010 - Roger Waters - Is It The Fifth
A Tree Full Of Secrets (18xCD Box Rarities)
Have You Got It Yet
2008 Have You Got It Yet v2
HYGIY v2.0 Vol. 1
Live Anthology
Roger Waters - Rarities Vol 1-3
Secret Rarities (2014
Star Profile - audio documentary
Variations on a Theme of Absence 8-CD
1965-72 The Early Years Limited Edition 10CD [FLAC]
1967 The First 3 Singles (Remaster UK 1997 7243 8 59895 2 0)
1967 The Syd Barrett Tapes
1967-11-17 The First Singles
1967-1973 - Anthology II [HL 325-326]
1967-68 Masters of Rock
1967-68 The Early Singles (EU 1992 0777 7 80572 2 2)
1967-71 The Complete BBC Sessions
1967-93 - Total Eclipse - A Retrospective 1967-1993 - Italy
1981 A Collection Of Great Dance Songs (Remaster Japan 2001 TOCP-65744)
1983 Works (US 1983 CDP 7 46478 2)
1988 - Syd Barrett - Opel
1992 - La Carrera Panamericana
1992 - Syd Barrett - Octopus
1995 - Greatest Hits 3 - Post Pink - 1995 - MP3.320kbps
1999 - Legendary Rock Stars - Greatest Hits
2001 - Echoes The Best Of Pink Floyd (US 2001 2xCD CDP 7243 5 36111 2 5)
2003 - Roger Waters - Flickering Flame (320)
2007 - David Gilmour - Take a Best (Bootleg)(320)
2007 - Greatest Hits - Star Mark - 320Kbps
2010 - Syd Barrett - An Introduction to Syd Barrett (2010)
2011 - CD Sampler - 2011
Syd Barrett - Wouldn't You Miss Me -The Best of Syd Barrett
1994 Dark Side Of The Moon -[Trance]
1994 Wish You Were Here [Trance]
1995 Meddle (Trance Remix)
1998 A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Trance)
2000 Welcome to the Remix
2003 Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side of the Moon
2003-01-01 - The Floydian Propulsion Project
2004 Out There
2005 The Dark Side Of A Dream [320]
2006 DJ Fish Remixes
2006 Pink Floyd & Eric Prydz - Proper Education
2010 DSotM - Moon8 - 8 bits
1995 The London Philharmonic Orchestra - The Music Of Pink Floyd
2002 Pigs and Pyramids An Allstar Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd
2005 The Piano Tribute To Pink Floyd
2006 Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Pink Floyd
1988 - Audio Documentario - Star Profile
2002 - Wish Youd Been Here - The Pink Floyd Story - Radio BBC
1974 - Tour Comic - 1974
1976 - Songbook
1987 - Songbook (VictorF)
2000 - Guitar Tab Anthology
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