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[GEAR] Epiphone Casino, Sheraton II or Guild Starfire V?

Any recommendation? Any other guitars I should check out?
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[GEAR] Would you recommend Guild Starfires?

So I'm looking around for my first hollow/semihollow body guitar, and I read that the in the latest Black Keys record a Guild Starfire III was used, and it sounds amazing. So now I'm thinking about buying a Guild Starfire III or V but I've also thought about the Epiphone Casino, Sheraton, an Eastman or a used Gibson ES335.
What would you guys recommend? I mostly play blues/rock and some classic rock (Black Keys, Led Zeppelin, Bluesbreakers, Gary Clark Jr, Hendrix...)
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Best ever new guitar day: MIJ Epiphone Valensi!

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I found this Epiphone for 350 bucks at a pawnshop

I found this Epiphone for 350 bucks at a pawnshop submitted by GooseyGoose_ to InstrumentPorn [link] [comments]

[Gear] epiphone sheraton II VS Gibson es 335?

So i have played that epiphone, and it looked realy cute, and sounded amazingly clear, i spent around 10 minutes enjoying this guitar, but i didnt have a 335 gibson to compare the two... what do you think?
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[Question] Suggestions for a Semi-hollow body

I’m looking for a semi hollow or hollow body electric. Ideally less than €1.5k, ideally again cheap before sacrificing too much in terms of quality.
I’m thinking Epiphone Casino or Sheraton, beyond that I’m stumped. Maybe an Eastman?
What do you suggest? I’m after the Hold back the river tone by James Bay.
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Semi-Hollow Advice

I'm looking into buying an Epiphone semi-hollow (ES), but don't know what to choose.
Originally I was thinking the Dot 335 (Pro maybe), but then I found the Sheraton and Casino.
Any advice on which one I should get?
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Jorge playing the All the Time solo.

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Some of my guitars...

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[QUESTION] Epiphone Casino quality?

Hey guys - So I've been looking into buying a midrange priced guitar for a few months, and the Epiphone Casino looked like a good buy, with the added benefit of having P90s which I never used.
So I went to Guitar Center to try it. I always try my guitars first without amps. And I honestly found that it felt like shit in my hand. Really light and plasticky. Suprisingly lacked a lot of intonation and ring for a semihollow.
So my question is, is there a problem with build quality? Was this one the bad one and you could get lucky and find the right one?
I couldn;t believe it honestly, but it felt that if I bought this guitar, it would just stay on the wall and I wont play it.
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[QUESTION] Help me chose a new guitar and amp?

I've been playing guitar on and off for about 8 years now but I'm wanting to start taking it more seriously. I love playing but over the past few years I've been getting distracted with less rewarding hobbies and it's caused me to put the guitar playing in to the background of my life. I played tonight for the first time in ages and in the words of Ringo Starr, "I've got blisters on my fingers". I feel like how I did when I first picked one up.
I've only owned acoustics and I have an Epiphone Ej-200 that I really enjoy but I want to get myself an electric and start widening my experience.
I don't want to spend crazy money on anything at the moment so I've narrowed my options down to 2 amps and 3 or 4 guitars that I'd like to purchase.
The choice between amps is an Orange Crush 20rt or the Fender Champion 40.
As for guitars, the 4 I currently have in mind are a Gretsch G2420T, a Ibanez AFS75T-MGF, an Epiphone Sheraton-II Pro or an Epiphone Casino.
If anyone could give me any advice on either of these amps or guitars and let me know which combo you would pick if given the option. Also if there's anything else that you would chose over any of these, any input would be greatly appreciated!
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[NEWBIE] 2nd guitar, lost in low budget semi-hollowbody

Hey ! Newbie guitarist, playing since 2 month. I already own a Fender tele player and I'm planning on buying a semi-hollow but I'm quite lost. What I want: semi-hollow, warm/round sound, no bigsby of any kind, around 500$, available in red or black ;)
I already know that the best way to decide is to try them but my town and towns around are really lacking of choice except for the Epiphone Dot but almost everything else in only available in order or out of my price range.So if any of you had recommandation on this list that would be amazing:
-Ibanez AS73 -Gretsch G2622 -Epiphone 335 Dot -Epiphone Sheraton II -Epiphone 339 pro -Epiphone Casino
thanks a lot !
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[Question] - Opinions on the Epiphone Casino?

Picking up my first electric over the summer and I'm thinking about the casino, since $600 is in my price range and it seems to have good reviews online, but I just want to double check before I shell out $600. Follow-up question: if you do think I should get it, which finish should I get? I'm torn between Cherry and Burst.
Edit: If you want to drop suggestions for what I should get instead, go for it, remember this is gonna be my main ax
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What would be a good hollow body to start with?

I like playing Queens Of The Stone Age
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I bought an Epiphone Casino, similar to the one John Lennon played! Instantly my favorite guitar.

I bought an Epiphone Casino, similar to the one John Lennon played! Instantly my favorite guitar. submitted by LlyodBraun to beatles [link] [comments]

Hollow Body Guitars

I play mostly blues/rock, and Right now I own a squier stratocaster, Saving for epiphone es 339...though I'd like to hear your opinions/experiences/tips on hollow bodies first. or maybe some other guitar recommendations? What's your take on them? is it worth buying them over solid bodies, like SGs?
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[QUESTION] Which guitar should I buy?

I am looking for a semi hollow guitar to play jazz and maybe some blues/50s rock and roll, I am debating between: The Epiphone casino, The Epiphone joe pass Emperor II pro, The Epiphone sheraton II pro or the Epiphone broadway If anyone got any other recommendations I would like to know.
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Casino vs Sheraton vs Lucile

Hi I'm looking at getting an Archtop in the near future. My local shop stocks epiphones and last week I had a go playing an elitist casino through a gender hot rod deluxe. It sounded freaking incredible. I had some concern with it being full hollow body however with it feeding back during gigs etc. The other guitars I thought of were the Sheraton and BB king Lucille as semi hollows. I play mostly jazz, blues and funk in a 6 piece band. I definitely want the ability to play rock and pop covers for bar gigs too. Any thoughts or advice abouts these 3 gats? Cheers from New Zealand!
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[QUESTION] Hollow/Semi for 90s indy revival

I'm in the process of assembling a 90s indy rock revival group (Dinosaur Jr, early Pixies, The Pillows). Trying to decide on Hollowbody/semihollow for rythm with occassional accompanying lead line with $650 budget. Any suggestions/recs?
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What would be the best guitar for me?

I am looking to upgrade from a beginning guitar to one in the $400-$600 range. I'm looking for a hollow body or semi hollow body guitar with versatility. Specifically, I really like the jangly Beatles/Byrds type tone, but I also like a good classic rock tone for stuff like Foo Fighters and Boston. If anyone is familiar with the Gibson 335 played by Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, that seems like the kind of guitar I'm looking for. That one is just out of my price range though.
So far, i have looked at buying and Epiphone Dot or an Epiphone Wildkat used and replacing the pickups with Gibson Burstbuckers. Would these guitars be good choices? Any other suggestions? Thanks
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WTT: Menatone, Strymon, Henretta, Nobels

What i have: -Menatone king of the britains 7 knob with independent boost switch -Strymon riverside, also have the strymon midi to trs cable with it, as well as a custom made favorite/boost switch in a 2"x2" enclosure, and the trs cable to go with that too -Henretta engineering bluebird fuzz -Nobels odr-1 mini
Looking for: -harmonic tremolo -gigrig quartermaster -gigrig humdinger -strymon ojai -epiphone semi hollow guitars (dot, casino, sheraton) -30-50 watt clean amp head -cash (these are listed on reverb, if you want to buy one just dm me and ill send you the link)
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I want a semi-hollow body for my next guitar. Any suggestions?

Well, my current guitar is an Epiphone SG Special. And I hate that piece of shit.
I am aware of the Epiphone Dot but I have concerns about the Epiphone brand. I really do not like my Epiphone SG , and I've played a couple of Epiphone Les Pauls that feel/sound equally bad.
Maybe some reassuarnce that the Epi Dot is diffrent would help?
And I would prefer something cheap (under 1000) as I'm only a freshman in high school.
Edit: Are these Semi-Hollowbodys good for Rock/Punk? (not traditionlly I know, But they'llbe fine right? 'Cuz i want somethign versitale that I can use for Jazz/ Blues if I wanted to too.)
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Epiphone Casino Review (Jazz) - YouTube Epiphone Dot vs Epiphone Sheraton - YouTube Gibson ES-335 and Epiphone Sheraton II - YouTube Epiphone Sheraton Guitar Setup and Review - YouTube Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Riviera Custom p93 - YouTube Epiphone Sheraton II Overview - YouTube Epiphone Sheraton II vs Riviera Custom p93 - YouTube

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Epiphone Casino Review (Jazz) - YouTube

Comparison and Review #epiphone #epiphonecasino #epiphoneriviera #guitarshootoutGuitar shootout! Here is the Epiphone Casino (standard) back to back with the Epiphone Riviera p93.... Please watch: "Vintage Fender Jazz Bass From Japan" --~-- Epiphone Sheraton Guitar Setup and Review Sheraton:\ Dot: Putting the Sheraton against the Dot was not a fair battle, but at least from this video, you... The guitar strings I use ~ hollow guitar shootout! Epiphone Sheraton II vs Epiphone Riviera Custom p93. Humbuckers vs p90s. Which on... The Epiphone Sheraton II shouldn't be underestimated. Made with all-American parts, and designed by the world-renowned luthiers at Gibson Guitars and Epipho... See the full review at Epiphone Casino made at the Peerless plant in Kor...