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Best Handicappers; Free Picks; Expert Picks; Live Odds; Top Sportsbooks; Articles; x. Worst Bet in the Casino. BY Jack Jones Baccarat. Updated June 2, 2008 . There are plenty of bad bets that you can make in a casino, and by bad we mean they have astronomical house edges. However, the casinos don’t want to get rid of these games because the suckers keep on coming in and laying down their The best of the bad bets in this game is the $1 bet. The house edge for that bet is only 11.11%. That’s twice as high as the house edge at the American roulette wheel, which you’ll remember made our list of worst casino games already. But that’s the BEST bet in this game. Bet $5 or $20, and the house edge is 22.22%. That’s about what My editor, Len Butcher, sent me the following email: “Frank, I need a piece on the top 10 best and worst casino bets for the December Casino Player issue. Deadline is October 16. Thanks, Len.” This should be a snap, I thought. I can write this in my sleep. I immediately thought of the worst game, Keno, where the house edge is about 25 percent—which means you lose about 25 cents for every While winning money is one of the best things about gambling at the casino, losing is the worst aspect, bar none. As I said, you should be aware that you’re projected to lose money when gambling, but it stings just the same when your casino bankroll is demolished. Even the best gamblers sustain losses because it’s the nature of the business. Blackjack Hunch PlayDeviating from Blackjack basic strategy can make Blackjack one of the worst games in the casino. A player can give up 20 percent or more playing hunches. 07. of 10. Let It Ride Side Bet. 7. Let It Ride Side BetThe house edge for the side bet is based on the pay table which varies from casino to casino. Even the best pay table has a high double-digit house edge that ranges When picking out a casino to gamble at, make sure you aren’t wasting your time or setting yourself up for failure. Here are the seven worst types of casinos for beginners. High-Stakes Luxury Casinos. Sitting down at a table in a casino you can’t afford to be at is a terrible situation. A few times in my life, I’ve been there and thinking Even some of the examples I’ll give below are the absolute best bet you could make under the right circumstances. I the progressive slots are among the worst bets in the casino. For starters, the casino house edge on progressive slots is as high as 17%. That means for every $100, but into play, you can expect a loss of $17. Factor in how quickly the action goes on slot machines, and you The runner-up for worst bet in the casino is found on the spaces that say 4 and 17. These bets normally pay 60:1 if, as you would expect, the dice total 4 or 17, whichever you chose. The house edge for this bet is a massive 15.28%. If you’re going to play sic bo and you are not a fan of the casino quickly eating at your bankroll, choose from the many other, lower-edge bets on the table. #1 The worst bet in the casino is usually keno. The house edge is almost always over 20%. You already learned about playing keno in an earlier section, but there’s an even worse game you can gamble on. The worst gambling option most players use is any kind of lottery. The edge on lottery games is often 40 to 50% or higher. Yet millions of people buy lottery tickets every day. You can find That’s far from the worst in the casino, but that’s far and away the best bet on the Sic Bo table. 4- The Tie Bet in Casino War Has a House Edge of 18.65%. Casino War is one of the dumbest games in the casino. It’s literally just a gambling version of the kids’ game where you compare one card from each of you to see which one is higher. It’s also a lightning fast game, which means

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